As homeowners we often contemplate little things to spruce up the environment and simply change the atmosphere and add value to the home.   Homeowners paint, add decks, room additions and security to make their home valuable financially and personally.  Sometimes this is the only way to go about building equity into a home to refinance for a lower payment.  Whatever the reason you are updating your home consider what you want to get out of it in the end before beginning to avoid major money being spent on unnecessary upgrades and renovations.

One upgrade that we recently decided on was a home security and monitoring system for our home.  The summer is a time when our children are often left at home alone while we are working so we knew this upgrade would pay off in our peace of mind.  It is incredibly nice to know that the home is hooked into the central dispatch for the fire and police in our township.  We can also monitor their doing s while we are not at home.  Also when taking a week long trip North this past month we realized how much weight was lifted not having to worry about our home.  It was great not to have to hire a house sitter or ask the neighbors to come watch the home.  The home alarm system has paid for itself.

Another home improvement that we recently embarked upon was new flooring in the kitchen area.  We eagerly ripped up the white ceramic tile; although incredibly pretty not a great choice for a house full of animals and kids.  We were sure we would find something wonderful in hardwood flooring but opted for bamboo once we heard all of the benefits it offers.  Bamboo is a very pliable flooring option.  We found that something heavy can be dropped without scuffing or denting the floor.  Yep, two kids, three cats and a dog something heavy drops on the floor a dozen times a day.  Another feature we liked was how strong it is and how well it holds up in high traffic areas.  It is also a great substance that withstands moisture and humidity which living on a river and the deck opening to the kitchen area, our floor had to do.

Another home improvement we are looking into is adding more lighting in the house.  We love natural lighting, adding skylights and adding a French door have been two options we are looking into.  Another option in lighting for us is to add wall sconces.  Many people look into recessed lighting but this option does not necessarily appeal to the rustic home we have.  Recessed lighting is a very modern, contemporary source of adding light.  It looks beautiful in the right home.  That is another thing we have learned with home improvements; everything you do must fit into the natural feel of your home to ensure the best outcome possible as far as resale value and your satisfaction.

Home upgrades and improvements should mainly be based upon what will bring the homeowner happiness.  Resale value is the second thing to consider but really the focus needs to be on making sure your needs as homeowners are met.  I love the color red.  My husband thinks red paint is overkill and will kill the natural feeling of our home so we compromised with red toned accessories.  Everything in your home, every feature be it a security system or gated drive way, should tell your guests something about you.  Don’t be afraid to upgrade!