The United States Department of Energy (DOE) has launched the Solar Automated Permit Processing Plus (SolarAPP+) tool to solve the problem of providing contractors with a standardized permit process. The program is a free, web-based platform that allows local governments to expedite their review and approval process pertaining to residential solar installation permits.

The SolarAPP+ initiative is a collaboration with key code officials, jurisdiction authorities, and the solar industry. The goal is to develop a standardized software that can perform compliance checks and process building permit applications to approve eligible applications for solar rooftop systems.

SolarAPP+ is presented with the following advantages:

  • Integrates with existing government software
  • Automated plan review, permit approval, and project tracking
  • Standardizes up to 90 percent of system plans
  • Inspection checklist verification and sign-off after installation

Solar customers, contractors, and local governments have all incurred heavy costs stemming from delays in obtaining rooftop solar installation permits. Some customers wait weeks or months to get approval.

SolarAPP+ provides a standardized, automated permitting process for residential installations across the country. Building code compliance is reviewed, and if the correct specifications are met, the permit is approved instantly. With this faster-paced technology, local governments can more easily process and issue permits. With help from programs such as SolarAPP+, governments have seen solar installations increase by 600 percent.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm said, “We are fast-tracking America’s clean energy future by cutting red tape to make it cheaper and easier for homeowners to access power from the sun. SolarAPP+ will bust through bureaucracy to speed up permitting, helping homeowners more quickly add solar panels on their roofs, adding gigawatts of clean electricity to the nations grid, while creating good paying jobs.”

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