Most people are aware that mortgage payments can increase over time, but did you know payments can actually decrease? In this article, we’ll explore a few ways how this can happen.

Mortgage payments decrease on Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs). While not as common as the payment increasing with ARMs, your monthly payments can decrease based on the Associated Mortgage Index’s movements. Depending on your lender, a built-in floor might prevent taking advantage of these decreases, however. If you hold on to your ARM through the initial fixed-rate period, you could end up with a lower rate if it becomes available.

Another option is to pay down your mortgage in time. If you make a large lump sum payment, your payments can decrease gradually. Ask your mortgage lender to re-cast your loan, which will re-amortize and couple it with your original loan term. If you skip this step, extra payments will not automatically lower future payments. Once your new, smaller balance is spread throughout the remaining months on your loan, your mortgage payment is adjusted lower to reflect that balance. However, your mortgage rate doesn’t change.

Refinancing your home to a lower rate is always an option to reduce your monthly mortgage payments. Rate and term refinances are one of the easiest – and most popular – ways to lower your mortgage payment with low effort. Refinancing doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the lowest rate, though, especially if you don’t plan on staying in the property long-term.

Shop around for homeowners’ insurance yearly, as it is generally included in your mortgage payment. If you can find a lower home insurance premium, your mortgage payment might decrease.

If you feel as though your home is overvalued, you can also look into getting a tax reassessment. If property values have been on the decline, your home might have a lower valuation. Ask your county recorder’s office for a reassessment if so.

It’s important to remember that mortgage payments are generally composed of Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance, or PITI.

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