The recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was greeted with jubilation from many areas, not least the lawmakers and advocates that worked tirelessly to push it through. Among those celebrating are historically excluded groups (HEGs) and their advocates who have worked to deliver clean energy solutions to those who were previously unable to enjoy the benefits of the green energy transition. The IRA brings fantastic benefits to these groups and organizations, like Solar Stewards, in the form of new tax credits that incentivize renewable development in “Energy Communities.”

HEGs are made of those historically denied full participation in society and denied rights and privileges. While the more well-off have been able to afford to upgrade their homes with solar, wind, and other clean energy alternatives, HEGs have lagged behind. While many might think the term HEG refers exclusively to minorities, it also refers to other disadvantaged groups, such as people living in underdeveloped areas of the nation and those fighting for women’s rights.

Solar Stewards works with HEGs and Community Partners across the nation and, using the Solar Stewards Marketplace, partners with corporate bodies who recognize the value of an equitable energy transition. Corporations purchase Social Renewable Energy Credits to support projects with equity at their core. Revenue from Social REC is directed to Community Partners working directly with neighborhood groups.

These relationships allow Solar Stewards to monitor social impact and compile case studies, enabling them to refine and further support equity initiatives. Each project begins by establishing a Climate Equity Goal (CEG) and assessing which approach can deliver the promise of equity. The Community Partners consider this by using three pillars of social impact:

  • The project is community driven.
  • It must have a direct effect on the intended communities.
  • It must have a quantifiable social impact.

An equitable energy transition is essential to long-term sustainability goals and to combat climate change’s effects. These problems are something that we all face, and no community must be left behind.


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