In the last two installments on flexible packaging and labeling we discussed stand up pouches, stand up zip-top pouches, press to close pouches, zippered pouches, three sided seal pouches and resealing sliding pouches.  The industry is evolving and therefore the options in flexible packaging are as well.  Many products are choosing to be packaged in flexible packaging because of the benefits in labeling, shipping and more.

When it comes to packaging items such as pet food, lawn fertilizer, grass seed, potting soils and cat litter there are two types of pouches that are popular; in fact the most popular within the flexible packaging industry: side gusseted and quad seal pouches.

Side Gusseted Flexible Pouches and Quad Seal Flexible Pouches

Side gusseted pouches have a fold, or gusset, on either side of the bag where as quad seal pouches are sealed on four corners of the bag which allows for labeling information and graphics on all of the four sides of the pouch.  The pouches are designed in either a single web up to sixty degrees in width or from three separate webs for flexible resealable pouches.  The best option for your application can be determined with the help of the custom label and packaging manufacturer that is helping to create the label and package for your new product.

The characteristics of side gusseted and quad seal flexible pouches are:

  • Press to close packaging, non-resealable
  • Slider option
  • Ideal for palletizing
  • Additional graphics allow companies and brands to market on all sections of the package

There are so many reasons to design a product package using one of the several options available within flexible packaging.  Flexible pouches offer convenience, portability, cost savings and sustainability.p

  • Convenience: Most flexible pouches can be designed with or without the option to be sealed. The package is designed to fit the needs of consumers.  Many consumers use products or consume products in more than one day.  A flexible package with a seal allows it to be reusable.  This creates a convenience other packaging options don’t provide.
  • Portability: With many packages you can such as boxes you can fold the box into itself to reseal it.  This is not necessarily the best option to carry the product around.  If you drop the box the product can spill.  As well as the bag inside doesn’t necessarily lend to the freshness of the product.  When using flexible packaging, consumers can conveniently seal the package to keep the product fresh and contained.  Pouches are also more aesthetic when it comes to display options.
  • Cost Savings: In order to create a package and design a label it is far less expensive than other traditional packaging; in fact up to forty percent can be saved when you use flexible pouches. There is less waste with the overall packaging and custom label designs.
  • Sustainability: Flexible packaging and custom labeling uses less materials then other packaging. This leads to overall lower costs, lower shipping rates and allows for more eco-friendliness.

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