Vintage cane prices vary significantly depending on a number of aspects.  Antique cane prices differ due to the condition of the cane, the canes materials and the age of the cane.  When you are purchasing a classical cane it is important inspect these three things before committing to purchase an antique cane for your collection.

Definitions of Cane Conditions

New Cane Conditions

When an antique cane is listed as a cane in new condition it means that the cane itself has never been used.    The cane is in perfect condition and should show absolutely no signs of deterioration.  Yellowing or discoloration is not uncommon when certain materials are used in the construction of a cane.  It is also important to make note that a cane that is antique may be fragile because of the overall age of the cane.

Like New or Mint Cane Conditions

Vintage canes that are listed in like new or mint condition may have been used at some point but show very little signs of wear.  Overall, most of the canes original components are in place in canes listed in like new or mint condition.  Caps and tips may not be the original ones that the cane came with but the overall appearance of the cane should be restored to their original appearance.

Used Cane Conditions

Used is vague when involving antique canes especially with sellers that have little experience with vintage items.  In order to determine a fair market value for a cane listed in used condition should be heavily inspected by the individual looking to purchase it.  Examine the vintage canes condition in order to allow a value to be placed on the piece.  Consider the material that the cane is created from as well as the canes age and used condition before settling on a solid price to pay for a cane in this condition.

Good Cane Conditions:  A vintage cane in good condition is one that is still fully functions.  It will show normal signs of wear and deterioration.  Original components will make up most of the cane but it is important to note that a replacement handle, cap or tip may be in place.  If you are purchasing antique canes based upon the originality of the pieces handle a cane that’s handle has been replaced is probably not the best option to add to your collection.

Poor Cane Conditions:  Antique cane conditions that are listed in poor shape will often show incredible amounts of wear and tear.  In order to publically use these canes users will want to restore them.  Poor condition canes are hardly ever purchased to add to a true collector’s collection.

For Salvage Canes Conditions:   Canes listed in salvage condition should be considered part only canes.  Canes in these conditions are only being sold for parts.  If a collector is looking for a specific knob or badge for canes in their collections they should look for canes in salvageable condition.

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