I love taking a Sunday drive in the spring and summer looking at everyone’s landscaping and homes in general.  Curb appeal is everything to me.  I hate seeing reality signs that say, “Must See Interior”. That to me is like a screaming billboard that says the owner didn’t keep up with the yard work.  If I was looking for a new home I would want both curb appeal and a must see interior.

Another thing I love looking at is the windows people choose for their homes.  One thing that does not appeal to me is windows with plastic prairie grids.  Not only do they not look clean but they just cheapen the overall look of the home. The dust and cob webs seem to be attracted to the little plastic squares.  The windows I really think look sharp from my curb point of view are the windows with the blinds between the glass.  They make the whole house look uniform.  I am a creature of consistency so this feature in replacement window really appeals to me.

Another thing I love about Sunday drives in checking out the ways people use the space in their yards.  Some people have fancy backyards that are pristine and make you feel like you are in a story book such as Alice in Wonderland. Their sheds have windows with the blind between the glass, the flowers are all symmetrical and the grass is not littered with dandelions like mine. I should tell you at this point I live on a river and the grass really doesn’t grow and the only thing present in our yard are hosta plants and ferns.  The shade trees that surround our yard kill the Alice in Wonderland theme I crave.

It is always funny to me to drive by older homes that have started to migrate their belongings to the porch or better yet the yard.  Instead of a nice wooden bench to sit on these folks bring out the sofa.   I laugh at the creativity.  In fact my brother’s home is one of these.  Instead of using a wine barrel planter they have planted flowers in an old toilet.  I guess you could say they are the world’s best recyclers.   They do not have the home that you drive by with designer windows with blinds between the glass but instead have different colored sheets hung over the windows.  To each their own and thank goodness because it makes my Sunday afternoon drives that much more interesting.

Think about your own curb appeal.  Do you have the majestic well maintained lawn, perfect brick and windows with blinds between the glass or are you more like my brother; a trailer with curtains made out of sheets and toilet bowl flower pots?  Whatever your style own it and have fun with it.  Remember there is some Sunday afternoon gawker who will enjoy the creativity possessed by your home.  Whether ornate or simply classic homes will appeal to their owners and that is what counts.