When it comes to computers and technology in general there are a number of problems that can occur.  Computer repair issues can be handled in a number of different ways including on site, remote log in or in shop.  Companies working with both residential and corporate I.T. professionals often can diagnosis an issue within your computer or network by simply logging into your computer remotely. This helps to save both time and money.  Although the issue with your server, personal computer or network could be a myriad of things there are three issues we see that cause computer failure more often than any others.

Three Common Computer Repair Issues

  • Virus/Malware Removal:  This is the most common issue seen with computers.  What occurs when a virus has infected your computer is that a piece of harmful software has been downloaded on to your computer.  When this occurs the virus spreads throughout your computer deeply embedding itself.  Viruses, spyware, trojan horses, rootkits, adware and other harmful software can affect the way your computer runs as well as allow access to personal information stored or accessed on the system.  It is crucial the minute you suspect you have been infected that you turn your computer off and have a computer repair expert run scans on your computer to remove the infection.  
  • Computer Running Slow: A computer will begin to run slowly when you have used up the allotted storage space.  You may not even realize it is happening but each new program you download or document you save takes up valuable space on your hard drive.  When this occurs it is easy to overload your system creating a slow running computer.  To repair this issue a computer technician will run a tune up on your machine.  During this process scans will run that pin point downloads and software that is not used by the system.  From there this information can be deleted from the hard drive, freeing up space and allowing the computer to run more efficiently. 
  • Connecting to the Network/Internet:  This could be one of the most frustrating issues computer users face on a daily basis.  Without access to the internet most business activity comes to a halt.  I.T. professionals go onsite to diagnosis an issue with your network or internet after they have tried troubleshooting obvious issues such as the rebooting the computer or resetting the router.  Many times nothing has changed from the previous day yet the connection is not available.  Often computer network and internet connection issues are as simple as resetting a router or installing new network cables.  Other times the issue is deeper rooted and requires the I.T. professionals to contact your internet service provider for assist in diagnostics.

 Other common issues seen with computer repair services include hard drive failure, dead power supplies and improperly installed drivers.  Contact your local computer repair store if you find you are having issues with your computer.

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