Our current environment is surrounded with technology.  Computers are everywhere!  Our phones are computers, refrigerators have computers that can order food directly from grocery stores and work places network together so that projects that are being done on one system are shared throughout in real time.  When the technology breaks down productivity slows to a crawl.  This is just one of the many reasons that you need to have an I.T. specialist on speed dial.

Computer repair comes in many forms, from corporate I.T. to residential computer repair; all machines can run into problems.  If your computer system or network is feeling underperforming there are a bunch of things that could be on inside of it.  Below are three of the top computer repair issues that can interfere with your computer’s ability to perform.

The most common issue with computers is that they become infected.  Even when running up to date anti-virus protection on your computer a virus can infect your network.  More and more people are using the World Wide Web.   With that in mind consider the amount of files that are unknowingly downloaded that are infected.  Spyware, malware and computer viruses have been around since the beginning of the computer age.  They are created to destroy and damage files while slowing your system down and violating your privacy.  If you suspect that your computer has been infected it is crucial to get your system in to a computer repair center.  There the virus can be removed; infected files deleted and updated antivirus protection installed.

Another common issue in the world of technology is a computer unit that will not properly boot up. This may be one of the scariest issues to have happen with your computer as retrieving the files stored on the system may not be possible.  The hope when a computer is not booting properly is that your power supply has failed.  This is a best case scenario. Otherwise a bigger issue may be present, one way or another computer failing to boot need to be brought in for repair immediately.

If you find your computer running slowly it is crucial to have the system looked at by a computer repair specialist.  Computers, like cars, need to be maintained and tuned up to keep running properly.  When a system is slow it may mean a number of things.  One thing that often occurs is that several unnecessary programs and tool bars have been unknowingly installed which in turn uses available memory up slowing the system.

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