When you are asked to describe, in words, an engineer what are the first adjectives words that come into mind. I always think about someone who is meticulous, almost anal in details, or someone who is very decisive. I think of a person whom looks at the past, present and future before creating a concrete plan. Wikipedia defines engineering as a profession which accounts for all variables, scientific, mathematic, economic, social and practical knowledge to create live as we know it.

Have you ever looked around and really thought about the world around us? Who creates the roads we drive on? Who is responsible for designing buildings that withstand the natural environment of the areas we live in? There are many types of engineers that look into different facets of life but Civil Engineers are the professionals responsible for our daily lives functioning smoothly and safely.

Civil Engineers are professionals that are taught pure and applied science to create a plan for the construction of buildings, roads, structures to ease movement on Earth by boat, car or train. The people responsible for making buildings that with stand Mother Nature are Civil Engineers. They apply science to determine what will work in creating a safe, convenient, reliable environment for civilization to continue its growth.

Civil Engineers look at past results, current happenings and make predictions about the future Earth’s environment and the effects it will have when creating structures, roadways, damns, tunnels, highways, medical facilities and sub divisions. You name it Civil Engineers have had a hand in the planning, design, implementation and creation of the civil society we live in. Life is simpler with the knowledge that Civil Engineers bring to our society.

As land is used and weather patterns change Civil Engineers rethink how they construct buildings to improve their stability. It is also important for them to take into account how the land is changing and space is becoming less available. They must take into consideration the layout of existing structures when developing areas around them.

It is also pertinent, along with building new structures, that Civil Engineering experts look at existing structures and repair damage that has occurred. It is also important for them to take into account recent world events like tsunamis and earthquakes to improve the structures that will replace the ones that have been destroyed. Civil Engineers will work with a scientific approach to determine how to build appropriately for the new environment that exists.

Civil Engineers are hard working individuals who must obtain a high skill set to constantly improve the society that we enjoy. Can you imagine the barren wasteland that would exist around us if it weren’t for those individuals who literally paved the way?