Is it time for you to shop for an engagement ring or bridal set?  If you are looking to surprise your significant other continue reading on for more information on shopping for the perfect ring.  A wedding is bringing two individuals and joining them into one; the engagement is the first step within this amazing adventure.  The ring you choose to propose with is significant as this one piece of jewelry will be worn each and every day for the rest of her life.  This one piece of jewelry will be treasured above and beyond others.  It is filled with meaning and holds substantial weight in her heart.

One major quest when searching for the perfect engagement ring is the rings size.  It needs to fit her finger perfectly.  In order to accomplish this you need to know what size ring she wears. This is almost impossible to figure out without raising suspicion but can be done.  You can draw the circumference of the ring out on a piece of paper or take in a ring she wears to the jeweler.  From either of those the jeweler will be able to size her finger.

The ring design is another key element.  Choose a style that matches pieces that she already wears on a daily basis.  Some women like simplistic jewelry, while other women choose statement pieces that scream, “Look at me!”  Purchase a ring that is designed to be worn daily but that is designed with her style in mind. Go for something practical, something classic and something simply amazing.

When you are purchasing an engagement ring you should also be aware of the four c’s of diamond buying; cut, clarity, color and carat weight.  There are a variety of cuts available for diamonds including some common styles such as the princess cut, the round cut, the oval cut, the emerald cut and the princess cut.  Different cuts look better on different hands; slender hands look great on princess cuts and round cuts while heart shaped and emerald cut diamonds look great on thicker hands.  The diamonds color and clarity should be clear with few imperfections and larger carat weight diamonds look better on thicker bands while thinner bands look better with smaller diamonds.

A budget is important as well when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring. Determining a budget will help narrow down the choices within the selection of rings you are looking at.  When looking to purchase an engagement ring be sure to look at online jewelers as well.  When trying to stay within a limited budget online jewelers can often help you get more ring for your buck. When setting a budget choose a range in which to stay within, this will give you flexibility as you search to find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

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