Yes you can still have your carpets cleaned in the winter. Popular belief would have us believing that all carpets need to be professional cleaned once a year during spring cleaning. There are so many reasons that this thought has changed in recent years. Winter remains the top times that carpet professionals would like to have consumers have them out to clean the carpets.

Carpets take the most abuse in the summer months. With all the bbq and outdoor parties comes traffic for your carpet. People are not taking their shoes off each and every time they enter to refill their lemonade and if they did bare feet could be even worse. How many times have you seen someone with flip flops on all day with clean feet? Never! Feet that have been housed in flip flops all day tend to be filthy. Imagine twenty pairs of those feet tracking dirt in your house all summer. Of course your carpet will have dirt that has been ground in after an entire season of this.

What you really want to avoid is waiting too long to clean your carpet. Spots from summer will become more and more prevalent as the months turn into fall. The fibers from your carpet will begin breaking down from the oils and dirt and the last thing you want to do is wait until spring to have your carpets cleaned.

One of the great things about getting your carpets cleaned in the winter months is that you can pretty much pick your appointment time. During the spring, when everyone has the itch to clean, you can wait up to two weeks before an appointment time is available. When spring hits the demand is so high that even working at top capacity most carpet professionals will have to turn away business. That favorite carpet cleaner you have will most likely be booked into the coming months. You definitely don’t want to have freshly cleaned carpet in the summer. The humidity is so high that the carpet will have an incredibly difficult time thoroughly drying which can cause mold issues later on down the road.

Carpets stay cleaner when you have professionals out in the winter. The dust and allergens are not as prevalent in the winter months. This is good for people with severe allergens because all of the allergens that were blown in and have saturated the carpet all through the spring and summer will be washed away. This will leave you with an environment that is enclosed to the outside allergens. The carpet, having been professionally cleaned, will be allergen free for the entire winter. This will allow for a greater quality of life throughout the winter months for those who have sensitivity to allergens.

In the winter months the carpet tends to dry quicker after being professionally cleaned. Without humidity the moisture that is in the carpet will evaporate at a faster pace. High powered fans, along with the homes heating elements will ensure thoroughly dried carpets. For you this means less worry about mildew, mold, or carpet delimitation from the carpets staying wet for too long.

Since carpet cleaning professionals are usually less busy in the winter months consumers will likely be able to get the best deal when scheduling their carpet cleaning for the winter months. Not only will you get all the benefits above from cleaning your carpets in the winter you can also save money doing it. How much better can getting your carpet in the winter get?