Dogs and cats are so much fun to have in a household. They lighten the whole atmosphere surrounding the family. They follow you around; they are constant companionship and overall best friends. That is of course when they are potty trained. During the first few months of pet ownership there is a struggle to learn to potty in the correct location which leads to much household stress. Is the limited stress worth the lifetime of love? Of course, however there are ways to ensure your home does not end up smelling like a great big litter box or dog kennel.

The pet of choice does not matter. Urine is urine and stinks no matter who the culprit. So if you have a guinea pig or a dog the urine will need to be immediately cleaned up and dealt with. Since this is one situation that you cannot completely prevent prompt attention is needed to ensure that your carpets stay clean and odor free.

Professional carpet cleaners have strong chemicals that eliminate odors and stains from carpets. What do regular home owners do to make the environment and carpet clean and odor free? At least until it can be deep cleaned, after say puppy is fully housebroken.

When you see an accident has occurred take time and blot the area with a dry clean white cloth. Absorb as much of the urine as possible. When the area is as dry as can be take and dampen the area with warm water and take baking soda and sprinkle the area. Baking soda is used to absorb odors. It is a great product that will produce results and not cause harm to pets using the carpet. Let the area thoroughly dry and remove the residue with your household vacuum.

Another technique that eliminates the stain and odors associated with pet urine is white vinegar mixed with water. The mixture should use a quarter cup of white vinegar mixed with a cup of warm water. The mixture should be applied to the area after the original mess has been blotted up as much as possible. Then you will place a towel on top of the area and press down hard to remove the water. It is best to do this process a few times eventually leaving a towel down covering the area with a heavy object on top of it. This should be done overnight. In the morning you may remove the towel and using a vacuum upholstery attachment you can remove the debris and restore the carpets fullness.

If you are a home owner who has not seen an animal during the crime but can smell it you must find the scene. In order to do this you can purchase a black light and use it to pin point the exact location. When a black UV light is used with the lights off and curtains closed the urine will glow in the dark. This will lead you to the crime scene and using the above techniques you should be able to remove the odor and stain.

If all fails and you are left with an odor or stain that you cannot live with call out the professional carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaners have special machines and chemical combinations that are superior and will remove most stains and odors. Using heat and high powered water extraction techniques professional carpet cleaners can remove most anything from your carpeted areas.