Great adventures find us throughout life.  One of the most thrilling experiences that a person can have is to become one with nature.  This experience is different for each individual person.  Some find their adventure in the water, some on a trail hiking, others backpacking alone in the hills of foreign lands while some prefer to take in wilderness sitting in a flower garden in their yard.  No matter how you choose to connect to the world around you it goes uncontested that connecting with nature is a personal experience unique to each of us.

One way many people choose to connect with nature while including time with family is through camping.  The camping experience is once again something that varies from person to person, family to family and situation to situation.  For some camping means really roughing it; slinging a backpack on their back and heading into the great outdoors with nothing more than a few essential survival tools to assist in the adventure.  Some prefer modern camping in a luxury recreational vehicle where everything is at your finger tips as far as convenience.  Some prefer something in between the two.

When it comes to middle of the row camping which is what most of us are familiar with there are a few basic things that are essential to creating a perfect outing for you and your family to explore the good ole outdoors.  No matter what climate, terrain or environment you are exploring one necessity of camping is shelter.  The most common form of camping shelter is in the form of a tent.  A waterproof, sturdy tent will supply you a safe place away from the natural elements to allow your body to rest.

Along with a tent you will want to bring along some basic comforts such as sleeping bags and cooking supplies.  Also consider some camping basics such as a pocket knife, boots to hike in, fishing and hunting supplies, flashlights, food, water purification, waterproof matches and a basic first aid kit.  You really don’t need to go overboard in bringing supplies along because believe it or not the wilderness will provide you everything you need. Travel as light as possible so that instead of worrying about camping gear you can take the time you have to really soak in and enjoy what the natural world around us has to offer.

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