We left off our last installment on choosing the perfect pocket knife looking at the options available in blades for your new pocket knife.  As mentioned pocket knives are sold with single blades, two blades and multi-blade often referred to as a Swiss Army Knife.   In this installment on the pocket knife we will look deeper into the edge of the blade you are looking for in a pocket knife.

The great debate continues on the edge that makes up the perfect pocket knife.  There are three main types of blades to choose from including: fully serrated, partially serrated as well as plain. In understanding the type of blade that you will use the most it is important to also be familiar with the two basic cuts that a knife will perform; the push cut and the pull cut.  A push cut is used to shave wood or peel an apple where as the pull cut is used for cutting rope or bread.

First we will look into the plain edge pocket knife. The advantage of owning this type of blade is that is performs clean, precise push cuts.  The sharp edge allows you control and accuracy within your cuts.  The plain edge is also easier to sharpen and can be done at home.  With a plain edge blade you will not be able to perform any pull cuts which makes it unable to use it to saw.  If you are in need of a knife to cut through wood or rope a plain edge is not for you. If you will be using the knife to shave or skin this is perfect for you.

When it comes to the fully serrated edge of a pocket knife you will find it is perfect for cutting through the tough materials that a straight edge blade would never be able to get through. A fully serrated edge gives strength to the blade from the serrations.  All of this working together provides a pocket knife that functions well as a saw blade.  This blade however does not provide clean, precision cuts and requires sharpening that can only be done through the factory.

Another option in pocket knife blades is the partially serrated edge, partial straight edge.  This blade offers you both options in one.  The combo knife blade is growing in popularity because it gives you the advantages of both knives.  The one thing to consider is the placement of the serrated edge on the blade to ensure the tasks you need it for can be accomplished.  The other thing to consider is that you will have to send it in to the factory to have the serrated edge sharpened.  Pocket knives with the combination straight edge and saw are becoming more and more popular every day.  It is the perfect tool for camping, hiking and is an all around solid survival pocket knife.

In our next installment on pocket knives we will explore the different blade size options along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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