A pocket knife is one of the most efficient tools that you can carry around with you every day. For thousands of years knives have helped people cut food, hunt for dinner, open boxes, cut seatbelts in emergencies and a number of other tasks. This could be why choosing a pocket knife may be so hard. It also could be so hard because the variety of options available to consumers. This is a start on a series all about pocket knives. Each aspect of the pocket knife will be examined. Finding the perfect pocket knife is a bit overwhelming but hopefully this series will help you out.

The first part of the pocket knife that we will explore is the number of knife blades. There are three different variations including the single blade pocket knife, the multi-blade pocket knife and the multi-tool knife. The single blade pocket knife can come in a variety of shapes and sizes; it is the epitome of everything a pocket knife is. If you are looking for a simple a single blade pocket knife is a good option to look into. A single blade knife focuses on the design of one large blade. Most include a spring loaded mechanism that easily opens the blade and a locking device that makes the knife sturdy. The lack of variety in the blade might be the only disadvantage of the single blade pocket knife.

Multi-blade pocket knives enable you to have the benefits of different style blades all tucked in to. You can have anywhere from two to four blades that can range in variety from traditional blades to drop point blades. This style knife is good for those people who wish to have options. The one difference between a single blade and multi-blade knife besides the obvious is the strength of the blades. Multi-blade knives tend not to be as durable as one blade knives.

A multi-tool knife, also known to many as the Swiss Army Knife, is a pocket knife with several different knife blades as well as a multitude of different tools. If you may need it the multi-tool knife has it. They can come equipped with small saws, tweezers, tooth picks, can openers, scissors, wine openers, nail files and magnifying glasses. It is originally a knife that was carried by soldiers in the field as they needed a tool that could perform more than one task like the single blade knife. Many people who consider themselves jacks of all trades carry a multi-tool knife in their pocket. It is a tool that can be carried when you aren’t sure what you are going to need.

In our next installment on pocket knives we will look deeper into the different types of edges that pocket knife blades can come with. We will look into the different size blades that are available as well. There is so much to the pocket knife. It is amazing that something so small can have such a rich history as well as such variety.

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