Building a handicap ramp may look like a weekend project but for those inexperienced in building them the process soon becomes more than they bargained for.  There are many things that do it yourself handicap ramp installers aren’t thinking of when beginning a huge project such as this.  There are things to consider before even the planning process begins.

Before a licensed wheelchair accessible ramp contractor begins the project they will come in and evaluate who the primary user is?  They will also determine what device they will need to assist them while using the ramp will be used for: a cane, a wheelchair, a walker or crutches.  The contractor will want to know if there is a chance the mobility of the person using the ramp will change.  This will determine if the ramp being installed needs to be a permanent structure or if a temporary device will work.  All while determining what permits and codes need to be met through your local municipalities.

Before trying to build a handicap ramp look into the costs of a local builder who is ADA certified verse the materials, your time and the headaches you will have once you have learned that you have done something incorrect.