In medical facilities there is a great debate when it comes to outsourcing and the hospitals bottom line. Leaders within the biomedical equipment repair industry agree on the overwhelming advantages that come with outsourcing.  The advantages of outsourcing discussed within this article also apply to several other departments within the healthcare industry.  In order to achieve long term goals amongst deep budget cuts medical facilities must create a solid foundation in asset management across the board including medical equipment service strategies.

Three Major Benefits of Outsourcing Biomedical Equipment Repair and Maintenance Strategies

Lower Operating Expenses:  This seems like an obvious benefit of outsourcing but many individuals overlook it when evaluating the concept on a whole.  Outsourcing allows medical facilities to retain less personal, reducing operating expenses while increasing the results gained through experienced vendors.  Without the need to hire and train these highly specialized personnel resources labor and operating costs can be reduced.

Outsourcing leaves the vendors responsible for providing highly skilled, trained individuals to repair medical equipment at a moment’s notice.  These services can be paid for on an as needed basis instead of the facility being required to pay the salary and ongoing benefits that they would need to pay a full time biomedical equipment repair specialist.  Thus saving the facility the expense of recruiting, training and the exceptionally expensive extras involved in maintaining a staff of professionals to maintain, care for and repair specialized equipment similar to linear accelerators and CT scanners.

Quality: With the ongoing changes and growth in the technology of medical devices it is crucial to have access to biomed service technicians that are up to date on training and available immediately.  Qualified technicians are vital in keeping life saving equipment functioning properly and providing accurate test results.  Outsourcing allows medical facilities to contract skilled biomed equipment repair specialists to accurately maintain, efficiently diagnosis and repair equipment in a timely manner thus keeping life saving equipment functioning properly.

Capital Budgeting: In order for all businesses to function and grow it is vital that medical facilities, large or small, manage all of their assets, including personal, in an efficient manner.  It is crucial that in-house programs as well as those that are outsourced are prioritized.

There are so many ways in which it makes sense to outsource the area of biomed equipment repair services including lower operating expenses, quality technicians while assisting medical facilities of all sizes to remain vital and competitive.

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