Homeowners are choosing to purchase automatic gates more frequently than ever before.  This is because of the security and extra protection for their families and because they have become an affordable, convenient option in home security.  The variety of automatic fences available makes it easy for all homeowners to find a style that works with their landscape and homes style.

Options start right out of gate with an automatic gate purchase.  The first decision to be made is whether a swing gate or a slide gate is best for the driveway and space provided.  Both options offer the security of an access controlled system which restricts entry and exit to the premises.  One great feature with automatic gates is that strangers don’t get in and little kid and pets don’t get out.  Both also offer options in regards to power also.  Homeowner’s can choose solar panels, batteries and hard wiring options.

Automatic gates offer up three major home advantages; seclusion, safety and convenience.

1)      Seclusion:  This is such an important piece to an automatic gate.  Controlling who is able to gain access into your home space.  Fences and gate systems keep undesirable people out.  Another piece of the puzzle is the importance of the intercom system.  This allows the homeowner to identify visitors before entry is granted.

2)      Safety:  As mentioned before automatic gates allow homeowners to control entry and exit.  This is so important in helping children and pets learn boundaries without the severe consequences surrounding traffic and other elements of danger that can create beyond repairable harm.  Another great thing about fencing and gate systems is the variety of options.  This being said the taller the fence the less likely someone is to climb over it to gain access to the home.

3)      Convenience:  Automatic gates offer the solution to who will be the responsible person to open the gate in a rain storm.  Electric gates use a variety of methods to allow entrance.  Some of the many are access control systems such as key pads, card readers, remote control and sensors that read sensors placed within vehicles that send signals for entry.

Another feature that is great is the ability to keep unauthorized vehicles from using the driveway as a turn around.  As well as the advantage of keeping out pesky critters that live in the wild or those right in the neighborhood.  It sure would help with that neighbor dog that is never watched and allowed to roam around the neighborhood without guidance or a watchful eye.  That dog inevitably is the one to spew the trash from one end of the sub to the other.

Another thing many homeowners don’t think about is the decrease in insurance rates that a home fence and gate system allow for.  That’s an extra bonus.  The fence may eventually pay for itself.  Although truth be told it will pay for itself from the very beginning with extra piece of mind, increased value to the property and the convenience the automatic gate offers.