When considering fencing materials there are two main types people like to choose from aluminum and wrought iron. Of course there are pros and cons to both but as I see it the benefits outweigh the drawbacks when contemplating aluminum over wrought iron. What you decide of course will be determined by many different factors. Where will the fence be used? Is the purpose of the fence for safety? Will the fence be used to enclose a yard or pool area? Is the fencing for decorative purposes? Obviously you will need to determine what the main reason for the fencing is before determining if wrought iron fencing or aluminum fencing will be your fence of choice.

Aluminum fencing is perfect for people considering doing the fencing project on their own. It is easy to handle because it is light and comes in sections that are four or six feet tall and six feet long. It is a super easy do it yourself project. Installation is easy when using fast set quick concrete. You will set one post and another attaching the sections of fencing as you go along. The fence panels are so light it is a project you can do on your own or made a bit easier with some help. Wrought iron fencing tends to be heavy. Sections range from fifty to one hundred and twenty five pounds. Imagine trying to install this on your own in a do it yourself project. Wrought iron fencing would take a crew of people to install.

Another feature I like is that you can pick different pickets finials for your aluminum fencing. Although aluminum fencing is modern in design and fits most every d├ęcor if you get bored with the look you can go pick out new finials for the top of the fence posts. It is as easy as unscrewing the piece and screwing the new one in. With wrought iron fence you are locked in to one certain look for the lifetime of your fence. Wrought iron is completely welded together and the look cannot be updated if you change your mind later or if the overall design in your yard changes.

Aluminum fencing is practically maintenance free. Wrought iron needs to be maintained in order to keep from rusting. Aluminum however is designed not to rust. Aluminum fencing can be maintained easily by hosing debris off. How many of us have extra time to maintain a fence. We purchase fences to keep our maintenance needs down. Aluminum fencing is put up to keep critters out or small children in. It can also be used around pools to prevent family members who are not being watched from getting into the area.

The other thing I like about aluminum in fencing is that it is easily repaired if damaged. If a section does happen to get damaged all you need to do is remove that one section and another can easily slide into fix the problem, I think the type of fencing material a person uses is up to their personal preference. I really enjoy the look and maintenance free qualities of aluminum fencing.