Aluminum fence has proven time and time again to be superior over other types of residential fencing.  Not only does aluminum fence offer unparalleled security, it is aesthetically pleasing.  In recent years the installation of fences and gates made from aluminum has grown exponentially.  There are many benefits that are provided with aluminum fencing that is not available from other types of fencing materials.  Below is an in-depth comparison to help you see why your new fence should be aluminum.

Wooden fences tend to be fairly inexpensive making them attractive to many homeowners.  There are several issues that arise when purchasing wooden fence.  One issue is the upkeep and maintenance is incredibly rigorous.   To keep your wooden fence appealing to the eye you must power wash and stain the fence with weatherproof stain at least every two years.  If you do not keep up on a regular maintenance schedule the wood tends to rot out and the fence needs to be replaced.  The difference in aluminum is that it is basically maintenance free.  Aluminum does not require additional painting, stain removal or washing to keep it beautiful.  If some algae were to appear you may need to spray the fence, but a power spray is the most maintenance that is required to maintain aluminum fencing.

Another benefit that is unique to aluminum fencing is the trouble free installation process.  When you receive aluminum fence panels you will notice not only their durability but also their flexibility.  They are easily placed within the ground and secured together.  When your fence arrives, it will come with a do it yourself installation manual that walks you through the process of digging holes to the correct depth to placing the last piece in place. Homeowners see a substantial savings in installation costs.

With the strength of aluminum fencing it is important to realize you are able to add decorative elements to the fence without compromising its integrity.  Some homeowners choose to add lights, others add flower boxes and on some commercial fences, signs hang.  It is good to know that the fence is durable and will withstand the wear and tear a family unit will put on the fence.

If you are looking for fencing to secure your yard or pool check into aluminum fencing options that meet your need and specifications.  Many online fencing companies work with homeowners looking to design, order and install their own aluminum fence.

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