US Radiology Specialists has partnered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) company Volpara Health to form superior mammography and breast cancer services at Charlotte Radiology in North Carolina. 

Novel analytics performed by Volpara Health’s AI will execute risk assessment, patient communication, reports, quality assurance, and breast density analytics. 

Lindsay Muns, group president of physician practices for US Radiology and CEO of Charlotte Radiology and Upstate Carolina Radiology, said, “With each of our 16 breast imaging centers now equipped with the latest Volpara software tool suite, Charlotte Radiology can better fulfill our most important mission: diagnosing breast cancer early and supporting our patients through their treatment. Implementing advanced technologies like these help us continuously improve both experiences and outcomes for our patients across the Carolinas.”

Amy Sobel, MD, section chief of Charlotte Radiology Breast Imaging, said, “Our partnership with Volpara allows us as radiologists to keep our focus where we need it: on each patient we see. With Volpara, we are assured of accurate and timely reporting, as well as high quality data. This streamlines our workflow and helps us deliver excellent patient care as a team.” 

Across the United States, AI is being implemented at an accelerated rate due to improving cancer care. 

At the Miami Cancer Institute, data from analytics company COTA were used to formulate insights to identify the BRCA gene. This research led to the implementation of total BRCA mutation testing for all newly diagnosed breast cancer. 

Now, a new partnership will focus on minimizing health disparities and gaps in cancer treatment, as preventative care was severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) reported in 2021 that the global pandemic resulted in drastic decreases in cancer screening tests. Without early detection and treatment, many patients suffered from larger growths or more advanced stages of cancer by the time it was eventually detected. 

The COVID-19 pandemic did bring some innovation to cancer screening, however. By using video conferencing tools, education about screening and personalized tests was made possible. 


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