Selling your home in today’s market takes a bit of seduction. There are so many homes on the market ranging from short sales, foreclosures to family homes and multi-level homes what will set your home apart from all the rest. What will make your home sell? There are hundreds of tricks sellers use to entice buyers however some work better than others at getting you top dollar. Below you will find ideas and tips on selling your home.

1) Never go it alone. Always hire a real estate professional to assist you in selling your home. An established realtor will know all the correct methods to pursue in marketing your home. Local real estate professionals will have a feel for what is going on with local home buyers and what they are looking for. This will help you target your home to those buyers.

An example of this comes into play when talking about move in condition or a fixer up. Every home has maintenance that can be done, upgrades to enhance and improve the home. If buyers however are looking to make these enhancements on their own, save yourself the time and money. Don’t fix up a home and drop money into it if buyers would rather have a few thousand off the homes initial price verse move in ready. A local realtor will know what buyers in your area are looking for.

2) One tip that has recently become outdated is the theory that the smell of baked goods and candles will help attract buyers. The truth is that when it comes to the smell of smoke, pets or stale cooking the best option is to thoroughly clean the home and not cover up the smells. Buyers are wise to this trick.

The best option is to “spring” clean your home. Every surface should be cleaned. If a pet has ruined the carpet and the scent is saturated it might be beyond cleaning. Scrub the walls, tile, grout and air vents. Furnace filters and water filters can be changed to ensure the water and air in the home is fresh and rid of dust and “old” smell.

3) Looking at homes that are currently being built you will notice many are spacious and open aired. If your home is older you will want to bring in all the natural light you can to make the home look new and fresh. Another top tip is to make the space appear open. This can come from clearing extra furniture from the room. Get rid of the clutter and simplify each room.

The sale of your home is a tedious process. You will be required to keep the house up at all times as showings happen when the time is right for the buyer not necessarily the seller. Your home does not have to be “maid-perfect” for showings. It is okay to show signs of life, signs that the home is lived in and taken care of. Having beds made and rooms picked up in a pinch is just fine. However, if you are having an open house where many buyers and agents will be touring the home take time to clean, dust and freshen up the work you did when beginning to process of selling your home. “Spring” cleaning the home at the start of the home selling process will make each and every showing a little bit easier on you, the seller.