One of the best ways to achieve a healthier, greener lawn is to fertilize the grass. While this might sound easy enough, incorrectly fertilizing can wreak havoc on your precious landscape. It is imperative to contact a professional to properly apply fertilizer, which will yield the following: 

While pretty much everyone wants bright and beautiful green grass, the chemicals used in store-bought fertilizers can have the opposite effect. Nitrogen-heavy fertilizer can cause unpleasant patches and burn grass if not applied correctly. Moreover, the ratio of chemicals should be left up to the experts, as they know exactly what type of fertilizer your lawn needs based on a variety of factors.

Everyone knows about dreaded weeds invading prized lawns across the country, yet most people do not treat them properly. With the correct fertilizer, grass can grow thicker and more luscious, blocking sunlight from lower weeds. Moreover, deep grass roots can overcrowd weed roots. Most fertilizers contain a pre-emergent fertilizer, particularly in the early spring mixes, helping the growth process. Professional lawn care specialists know when to apply these fertilizers. 

Lawns need strong, deep roots to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. If roots are underdeveloped or cannot grow properly, the grass will grow thin and frail due to a lack of nutrients. Thankfully, professional lawn fertilization experts are well-versed in root growth and know exactly how much to apply based on the lawn’s specific needs.

Bugs, insects, and other creatures can sense decaying lawns, as they are attracted to thin grass, bare spots, standing water, and more. With help from certain fertilizers, a special chemical deters most pests but can have negative effects if misapplied. Excess nitrogen is a wonderful environment for fleas, ticks, mites, etc.

Just as Mother Nature created most things on our planet, yards and grass live with unique ecosystems susceptible to bacteria, mold, fungus, etc. Lawn disease can result from grass that is thin and weakened by illness. In high-nitrogen lawns, proper fertilization is important, as many fungi thrive in those environments. 


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