Through the course of working with technology and using the internet most of us have had an encounter with a computer virus.  Most systems use anti-virus software, a program that can help to eliminate common computer viruses from invading your computer system as well as prevent common symptoms that occur when a virus is attacking your computer.   Often times when a computer is infected it is because a new virus has been created to override the anti-virus prevention allowing the virus to infiltrate your computer system and network.

Computer viruses can attack your system in several different ways.  One way to get a virus is to download it from an email.  A virus can disguise itself in a funny image attachment, a greeting card or an audio video file.  Don’t open any type of email that looks suspicious even if the email is from somewhere or someone you are familiar with.  If you are unsure just don’t open it as it may just be a computer virus sent from an infected network that their computer is connected to.  This is true of instant messaging programs as well.  When opening outside materials use caution.

Another way a virus can attack your computer is through downloads off of the internet.  Coupon bars, illicit software or files and programs that you have downloaded can all potentially contain a virus.  When downloading anything off of the internet know the source from which the download is coming from.  If you need to download software or a program to run something on the system go directly to the site to start the download.  Many pop ups with downloads for the software will pop up all over your computer.  It will be impossible for you to tell whether one is infected or not before it is too late and your system has become infected.  The best way to avoid this is to go straight to the site to access the download.

Removable media may also become infected if the media is used on a computer that is infected.  Use precautions when using the same media disk between public computers and your private system.

In order to minimize the risk of infecting your computer it is important that you take precautions when opening emails, downloading software and using removable media.  It is also crucial that you update the anti-virus protection on your computer system regularly to keep newer viruses from being able to creep in and infect your system.  If at any time you find your computer is acting differently turn the machine off and take it in to a local computer repair shop for a virus removal and tune up.  Turning the machine off immediately helps to prevent the virus from spreading throughout your machine.

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