Aluminum fencing can give homeowners the same look as wrought iron and steel at a fraction of the cost and less maintenance.  If you want to keep your space from feeling enclosed while increasing the homes security installing an aluminum fence and gate is a perfect option.  Here are a few tips for homeowners looking for an affordable, maintenance free, easy to install fence for the perimeter of their home or pool.

If you are looking for an ideal option to enclose your backyard to keep pets inside a safe barrier, look no further than aluminum fencing.  With aluminum fencing you not only have choices about the decorative features that will make up your fence but also options within the fence itself.  Puppy pickets for example are when smaller pickets are added in between the regular pickets to prevent smaller animals from fitting between or underneath the fence.  The narrow design for the bottom half of the fence is perfect for keeping animals safe while keeping the traditional look of aluminum fencing at the top.

When choosing the pickets for your aluminum fencing there are two basic options that give you two very different looks to your fencing: covered and exposed.  First, it is important to understand that the pickets are what create your metal fence. Exposed finials on fencing leave a sharp point sticking out of the top of your fence panel.  Whereas covered finials have a straight horizontal bar covering them.  Aluminum fence designs with pointed finials are a more dangerous option and may be good for homeowners looking to add a bit of security against intruders looking to enter the home by climbing the fence.  Be extra careful if choosing an open finials design for your aluminum fence if small children or pets are apt to climb the fence.  Opt for covered finials if you think that the open pickets will pose a hazard within your yard.

Consider adding accessories to your aluminum fence to increase the aesthetic value it offers to your landscape. Some homeowners choose more ornamental fencing such as designs that include butterfly or circular scrolls to enhance the appeal of their fence while others choose to add a gate or decorative arched entryway.  Aluminum gates come in numerous styles to match or compliment any style of aluminum fencing that homeowners choose. Even the smallest of details can transform the aluminum fence that you choose.  With aluminum fencing not only are you getting the most attractive option in fencing you are choosing a fence with minimal maintenance requirements that is durable and built to withstand a variety of climate conditions.

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