Imagine a day without having to dust your blinds to keep your asthma at bay. What about a day when you don’t worry that your child will fall out of bed and get tangled in the cord of the blinds. What about those pesky little pets who think it is major fun to chew on the ends of the blind cords? It gets really old seeing the cord shredded and the plastic/wood piece at the bottom chewed into oblivion. An answer has been found to all of these issues the solution…blinds between the glass. This article will explain several advantages to having blinds that sit between the glass. If you weren’t already convinced they were better for your home you will after you read this.

Installation is a no brainer. There are no blinds to install. They are already installed into the window. How much easier can that be? Think about how happy you would be if you didn’t have to mess with all of those teeny hardware pieces installing mini blinds.

Windows with blinds between the glass have little to no maintenance. It is not like regular blinds where you have to take each individual blind and wipe it down to remove the built up dust. Not to mention all the time you spend doing the tedious task. With blinds between the windows there isn’t any need to wipe down the blinds. They are not exposed to the dirt and grime of the outside world.

Another thing that is great about blinds between the glass is in bay window area and window seats. How nice would it be to actually use the seat without wreaking the blinds in the mean time? No one will be leaning up against your blinds, bending them, if they are incased with in the glass if the window.

I think windows with blinds between the glass are a no brainer for people with allergies. Nothing like breathing a little easier while you are in the comfort of your home. No blinds outside the glass means no dust to settle and less allergens to collect to cause your family health issues. Also, there won’t be blinds outside of the glass to collect dog and cat hair which are allergen issues in themselves.

Anyone with an animal already knows the benefit that would be found with blinds placed between the glass. Animals love hanging objects. Anything that dangles is an animal toy in their minds. The cords of blinds installed outside of the glass are left out attracting pets. The plastic or wood stoppers on the end of the cords become chew toys and then leave a big mess for you to look at for the life of your blinds. That is may not be the best option for home decor.

Speaking of home decor, what looks classier then blinds placed in between the glass in your new windows. They add a touch of pizzazz to boring, old, regular, plastic mini blinds. Obviously, the benefits of windows with blinds inside the glass are not limited to their high class look benefit you get from by purchasing them. It sure doesn’t hurt though.

Enjoy all the benefits that you will get out of your replacement windows with the blinds installed between the glass. Surely you will find a benefit that has been missed because really the benefits are endless.