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Preparations For Your Next Camping Expedition

Camping is all about exploring nature as well as reconnecting with yourself, your friends and your family. Although there are many people that thrive while camping there are plenty of others who get concerned with the idea of camping in the heart of the woods at night. The best way to calm any fears associated with camping is to be prepared for the adventure.  Read on to better equip yourself for your next camping expedition.

One fear many new campers have is that they will not enough food for the number of days and nights they will be surviving in the great outdoors.  It is important to stock up and pack accordingly when it comes to food.  This will ease your stress and make the experience a lot simpler.  Prepare meals that can be warmed up over the campfire.  Preparing as many meals as you can at home ahead of time helps with meal time.  Storing your meals in plastic bags and freezing them ahead of time will also help to keep the meals unspoiled.

Another area in which evokes a bit of fear is the experience of sleeping in a tent.  Sleeping bags are exceptionally comfortable and can be purchased in a variety of weights to ensure no matter what weather you are camping in that you remain warm.  A camping pad can be brought along if the idea of sleeping on the floor is too much for you.

Many people enjoy exploring nature when camping.  With this in mind it is important that you have with you the right navigational tools.  A GPS is not always the best option especially when you are in the middle of the dense woods.  Take a compass with you on all of your hikes.  If you happen to become turned around you will easy be able to navigate in the direction of your campsite with the use of a compass.

Don’t over pack when it comes to survival tools.  A basic survival knife can not only fulfill the duties needed in the kitchen but can be used to gather kindling, cut up fish, or whatever else you may find yourself needing a multi-purpose tool.  There are several top brand name knife manufacturers.  Look for a knife that has both a serrated and straight edge to provide you the most use on your adventure.  One that folds into itself is often better for carrying with you in your camping supplies.

multi-tool pocket knife can be useful as well.  Carrying a multi-tool pocket knife is a smart idea because not only does it fit in your pocket it also provides useful tools such as silverware, tweezers, nail files, pliers, nail clippers and more.   You never know when a splinter will become embedded into your skin and a multi-tool pocket knife can help.  Some smaller pocket knives with multiple tools on them have flashlights as well.  Extra light is always useful especially when camping.

Prepare yourself with a positive attitude and as much or as little camping gear as needed to make your trip not only memorable but also enjoyable.  This article gives you some ideas on what you may want to bring with you.  Remember that besides the necessities of bug spray, food and sleeping bags some entertainment around the campfire is always nice.  A small compact deck of cards can always help with that!

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Essentials In Outdoor Survival Gear

With summer upon us the camping supplies come out!  With the camping supplies come the adventures the warm sun and summer breeze brings out.  With every camping trip and backpacking adventure the need to be prepared is always amongst us.  When it comes to packing for your outdoor adventures one can never be too careful.  Wilderness survival gear should be packed using great care; every adventurer should realize that there are extreme risks involved when it comes to the unknown that the outdoors brings with it.

When it comes to packing for an adventure the most important thing is that you are prepared for the unexpected.  Make the right choices when it comes to survival equipment as it may be the difference between life and death on your next camping excursion.  With the wide variety of survival gear available how does an inexperienced camper know what to bring on their first great adventure?  What is important verse what becomes a waste of space within your backpack?

The first thing any outdoor adventurer should do is to create a list of what is needed on where they are going, what they are doing and how they are getting there.  Different climates, as well as different terrains will call for a mix of different outdoor wilderness needs. This should be obvious; the desert needs different preparations than would a rain forest.

Some things that are needed no matter what the terrain or climate and should be in every pack include the basics such as fuel for a fire, a compass or other navigational tool, a way to purify water and a knife to assist in building a shelter.

Fire is needed for many reasons no matter what climate you are backpacking in.  Not only is fire a good source of heat but it is also important for lighting, cooking and possible water purification.  Consider purchasing slow burning fire sticks, magnesium fire starters, flint or waterproof matches. These are all great sources that will allow fire to be created and sustained in a variety of climates.

A compass or other navigational tools such as GPS or paper maps are important when exploring territory that is unknown or new to you.  When looking to purchase a compass be sure it is easy to use.  GPS systems are great tools that can be used to not only track the environment you are in but also used to track and identify where you are.  This feature often requires a subscription.  When it comes to a low tech gadget that will direction a compass is the best bet for backpacking adventures.

A system to purify water is also essential in outdoor adventures.  The human body can only be without water for between three days and one week.  Water is needed for the body to survive.  When you are lost in the wilderness the last thing you need is to become sick and dehydrated from drinking contaminated water.  Purchase water purification tablets and purification straws are without a doubt one of the most important items that should be contained within your survival pack.

For food and building shelter a knife is also an item that should be carried on any outdoor adventure no matter how long or short the adventure is scheduled to be.  Even the shortest of trips have been known to take a wrong turn into unexpected territory.  Be prepared for anything every time you camp or back pack into territory that is unique to you.

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