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Automatic Driveway Gates Are A Growing Trend

It is most common to see automatic entry gates adoring, large estates, and ranches.  The feature of a driveway gate, although a luxury is becoming more and more common amongst average homeowners.  There are many benefits that come along with having a driveway gate in place that make it a feature that many homeowners, no matter the size or price of the home, are installing.

The automatic driveway gate trend is growing partially because attractive, affordable options in automatic gates and gate openers are commonly available online with professional installation available.   Benefits of having an electronic driveway gate installed are abundant however the three most often mentioned include: home safety, enhanced curb appeal, and an increase to the homes market value.

  • Home Safety: Driveway gates work to stop people from entering your property whether you are home or not.   It allows you as the homeowner to decide who and when access to your home is allowed.  When used in conjunction with a fence a gate at the end of the driveway is a great enclosure to the property.  Thus children and pets are kept from exiting the property at will.
  • Visual Appeal: Unlike gates of yesteryear today’s gates are aesthetically appealing and designed to complement your home’s exterior. Driveway gates give the visual aspect of an estate and instantly improve the curb appeal of your home.
  • Rise in Home Value: It is a natural cause and effect situation; the increase in curb appeal by installing a fence makes the value of the home increase. The addition of a driveway gate increases the value of your property and in turn the resale price of your home.

The addition of gate operator and gate control system to your new gate increase the overall convenience of the gate.   There are two different options in gate operators: swing and slide gate operators.  A third option, barrier gates, is available but tends to be used in more industrial settings over residential.    As the title would suggest a swing gate is opened by swinging in or out of the property.  Slide gates open into themselves and don’t require a great deal of space to operate.

Although homeowners can install a gate without the use of a control system the convenience of the gate really centers on this aspect. There are several options to choose from all with different benefits.  Personal preference rules when choosing an option to allow you to conveniently open your driveway gate.  Options include: wireless keypads, hard wired keypads to transmitters, cellular access and manually operated switches.

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Automatic Gate Installation

Many homeowners choose to install fencing.  It may be to add security, contain pets or children or to add to the aesthetics of the homes landscape.  For whatever reason you are thinking of installing a fence it is important to think about gates, especially driveway gates to add the final touch.  With some additional planning, homeowners can install a fence and driveway gate minimal concerns.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you plan the installation of the fence and electronic entry gate.  When installing the fence around the perimeter of the landscape takes into consideration the distance the gate will be down the driveway.  The gate needs to be in a location that allows you room to come and go without interrupting the flow of traffic.

Consider the space that you desire on either side of the gate as well.  When choosing a style of gate you will have two options: gates that slide open and gates that swing open.   Are you interested in having space inside of the gate to allow for more than one vehicle to park?  Homeowners need to consider the layout of the landscape as well as obstructions when placing entry driveway gates to ensure that the gate will open properly upon installation.

If you are choosing to install a swing gate it is important to plan which direction the gate will open.   Will it open into the property or outwards towards the road?  To determine this it is important to take a look at the driveway itself.  Does the driveway slope?  When installing an electronic driveway gate it is important to give a great deal of consideration to the manner in which it will open to avoid complicated situations further on down the road.

If you know you are planning on installing both a gate and a perimeter fence plan on installing the gate first and then proceed with the fencing.  The gate should center over the driveway.  Set the posts first before proceeding any further with the installation project.  Be sure to install the posts taking into consideration the amount of clearance needed for the bottom of the fence.  Be sure the area is level and that the area where the gate hangs is flat.  It is also crucial to dig the post holes and fill them with concrete to about two inches under ground level.  The concrete needs to be thoroughly dry before attempting to hang the gate.

The task of installing an electronic driveway gate is not for everyone.  If you find you are in over your head with a project of this size seek out a local, reputable driveway gate installation company.

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Improve The Exterior Of Your Home With A Driveway Gate

There are many home improvements that can be done to increase the value and aesthetics of your home but how many can improve your peace of minded with additional security?  Driveway entry gates not only improve the exterior landscape of homes they offer a degree of privacy and safety that other exterior renovations can’t compete with.   A gate keeps outsiders from having access to your home environment without your knowledge.  There are a number of things that affect the overall cost of a project of this magnitude.  Consider the following when putting together a budget to install a driveway entry gate:

Manual Entry Driveway Gates

If you aren’t concerned with convenience then you may want to look into installing a manual gate.  This style of gate is one that will require someone to manually open and close the gate upon entry and exit.  This style of gate is a great addition for homeowners that are mainly concerned with privacy and will only be using the gate when they enter and exit.

Automatic Entry Driveway Gates

A more costly option but far more convenient is the installation of an automatic entry gate access.  This style of gate usually is operated via remote control, key pad, or voice sensor entry.  This allows the homeowner to have total control over who is allowed to enter the property.  It is an ultimate option in securing your family.

Construction and Gate Materials

The cost of the fence will vary depending on the gate materials that you choose.  The most common materials used for residential entry gates are aluminum, iron, steel, wood and vinyl.  Gates are styles in both single and dual panel styles.  Dual panel gates are more expensive then single and of course iron is more expensive then aluminum, steel, wood or vinyl.    Depending on your entry gate budge, security requirements and exterior look you desire will allow you to more thoroughly narrow down the gate material you will want to use.

Enhanced Home Equity

The installation of a driveway gate adds to both the safety and beauty of your home.  Both aspects appeal to consumer emotion and therefore help to increase the value of your home.  When you go to sell your home, an entry gate will increase the overall value of your property.  The cost of the fence may seem a bit overwhelming but this is one home improvement project that has a profitable return on investment.

Decreased Insurance Expenses

A lot of insurance companies will offer homeowners a discount on their home insurance policies when they install a driveway entry gate.  It is proven that the addition of gate decreases the likelihood that your home will be targeted by thieves and vandals.  Consider the discount in insurance when looking at the overall cost of the gate.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the yearly savings that comes from investing in a driveway gate.


Proper Maintenance Tips For Electronic Driveway Gates

It is without a doubt that one of the greatest deterrents of crime is the addition of an automatic driveway gate.  They are put in place to not only secure homes but also businesses.  Not only do they help to secure the space they do so in a convenient, practical, attractive and affordable manner.  Most gates are simple to operate and demand very little maintenance.  Below you will find the simple maintenance tips to maintain your electronic driveway entry gate.

First and foremost it is important to keep your automatic gate clean.  Occasionally you will find that it is important to was and wax the exterior of the gate to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.  This is especially important for fences that are glossy.  Don’t wait until the fence becomes tarnished, discolored or begins to flake.  At that point the gate will need the paint removed, the fence sandblasted and the fence repainted.  Thoroughly cleaning the fence every six months will keep the fence looking beautiful.

It is important to spray silicon spray on the inner tube that passes through the arm of the opener.  Silicon spray doesn’t gather dirt and grime.  The silicon in fact allows the inner seal to remain flexible.  This is especially important in cold climate environments as it helps to get rid of moisture that is trapped inside the arm of the opener and helps to keep it from freezing up.

Maintenance on the hinges of an automatic driveway gate is important and demand more attention than the gate itself.  Regular greasing of the gates hinges is crucial as it helps to protect the tension and durability of the gate.  Be sure to look for small cracks in the hinges as small cracks can create a large expense in a homeowner’s pocket book.

When you have a slide gate installed you will want to take time to grease the drive chain on the opener regularly.  The chain needs to remain flexible to avoid becoming jagged in order to remain performing as it is intended.  It is best to use heavy grease over a spray when applying lubricant to this area of the gate.  The most appropriate lubrication for a gate drive chain is white lithium grease.

If you purchase a quality electronic entry gate and take the time to maintain it properly it will last you a lifetime.  Take into consideration the quality of the gate you can purchase to stay within your allotted budget.  It is best to postpone the purchase if you find this is a challenge.  The higher quality the entrance gate, gate operator, and control system the longer you can expect the lifespan of the fence to be especially if you take the necessary steps to maintain it.

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Choose Between Sliding and Swinging Driveway Gates

There are many reasons that homeowners decide to install an automatic driveway gate.  Whether you are looking to increase the security of your property or the aesthetics choosing the correct gate, gate operator and automatic opener from the get go can save you a lot of time and money.

There are two basic styles of automatic entry gates: slide gates and swing gates.   A slide gate is normally best installed on a level driveway.  Slide gates are able to be track mounted.  The track is installed to the surface of the driveway and the gate will run on this track.  A swing gate is best used when the surface of the driveway is uneven.  A cantilever gate can be installed.  This style of gate is designed to pivot near the motor suspending the gate over the driveway.

When installing a driveway entry gate you have two choices when it comes to gate operators: gate mounted or underground.  Gate mounted operators tend to be a bit less expensive because they don’t require extensive ground work.  Underground gate operators have an enclosed motor that is flush with the ground and out of site.  It is important to note that an underground gate operator is not suitable for use in areas that are susceptible to flooding or those without proper drainage.

Aluminum, wrought iron, steel and wood are all common materials that are used when installing driveway gates.  Aluminum gates are becoming popular because of how easy they are to maintain.  The material that is chosen for your gate significantly affects the overall budget of the project.  Solid hardwood gates cost more in materials as well as labor to install them and energy to keep them running; it is feasible to pay almost double the for a solid fence and gate operator that can sustain it then an aluminum gate.

The number of times a gate is going to be used as well as the type and weight of the gate should all be taken into consideration when choosing a gate operator.  Your gate installer should always specify the materials to be used when quoting your gate installation.  When you get this information take time to research the gate mechanism that they are recommending to ensure that the quality you are being quoted is in direct correlation with the amount being quoted.

Another consideration that needs to be made when installing a new driveway gate is the access entry system.  There are a few popular options including remote control key fobs, wireless key pads, cellular access and manually operated switches.  Keypad entry with an intercom tends to be the most popular option with GSM intercoms narrowing in quickly because of the flexibility they afford clients.

There are many reasons homeowners have for installing automatic driveway gates.  The most important factor is that you start with the right materials in place from the start to save you on both time and money.

SAC Fence Michigan offers a variety of electronic driveway gates, access control entry systems and fence options for homeowners to choose from.  You will find a variety of fencing options online at http://www.sacfencemi.com/.

Creating A Grand Entrance To Your Home With An Electronic Driveway Gate

What better way is there to treat yourself then with a grand entrance to your home?  Custom entry gates are just one way in which homeowners can add aesthetic flair to their driveway and landscape.  Each and every time you enter your property the entry gate will greet you with memories of what is most important to you: the safety of your family.  Gates don’t only look terrific they help to keep your family safe by keeping intruders out and your family safe inside.

When discussing what type of entry gate to install there are two main styles to consider: swinging and sliding driveway gates.  The kind that you choose will depend mostly on the level of the landscape surrounding the area in which the gate will be installed.  Narrow, flat driveways work best with swinging style gates where as unlevel, wide driveways are better suited for sliding gates.

There are numerous materials that homeowners can choose from when picking a gate.  Wrought iron is a popular choice because it offers properties that are anti-corrosive thus making the gate practically maintenance free.  Other prevalent materials regularly seen are aluminum and steel.  Wooden gates are an option if homeowners are concerned with keeping costs down.  It is important to note however that wooden driveway gates do require a great deal more maintenance than a metal gate.

When it comes to installing a driveway gate most homeowners leave it up to the professionals.  If you are the DIY type and want to give installing an entry driveway gate on your own there are a few things that you should consider first.

The gate should be installed away from the road far enough that at least two cars can pull into the driveway without blocking the roadway.

If a swing gate is going to be installed make sure that the gate is swinging towards the home and away from incoming traffic.

When measuring the space where the gate is to be installed make sure to leave plenty of room for emergency vehicles and larger delivery trucks.

The tips above can get you started on the path to purchasing an entry driveway gate but make sure to do thorough research into different decorative styles because there may be styles available that you have never seen before.  Get at least three different quotes from gate suppliers and installers before settling on an option.  Custom entry gates are worth every penny especially when viewed as a piece of landscape art.

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Should You Have An Electronic Swing Gate or Sliding Gate Installed

For homeowners and businesses alike there are advantages and disadvantages to installing an electronic sliding driveway gate over an electronic swinging driveway gate.  In order to find the best option for your property you should consider numerous factors including: the available space, level of security needed and your budget.


Is cost a factor in the installation of a driveway gate?  If you are on a tight budget a swing driveway gate is often less expensive than a sliding gate.  The difference in cost comes from the mounting and operations of the gate.  The size and material of the gates are similar but the added expense is in how the gate actually opens.  Sliding gates require a track and rollers whereas a swinging gate uses only hinges.


When it comes to having a gate installed it is important to remember that the gate itself no matter if swinging or sliding will have less maintenance and expense if it is not electronic.  Electronic swing gates and electronic sliding gates both require a degree of maintenance.  A sliding gate requires that the track stay clean from outdoor elements such as leaves, sand, rocks and other debris.  Owners of electronic gates should invest in a special brush that can be used to sweep the gate track frequently to avoid issues from arising.  Also the gate operator and electronic keypad may require updates and regular maintenance.  This is something to consider when budgeting for an electronic entry gate.

Accessible Land

Both styles of fencing have their own unique requirements for the landscape around them.  If your driveway is short and wide most often a sliding gate is your best option.  This is especially true if the entry has any sort of sloping.  Slide gates require space on either side to slide into but do not require space to open out thus making sliding gates a great option for driveways that are not flat on either side.  On the other hand swing gates work just fine on narrow, flat entry ways.  The gate only requires enough space to swing open and shut and does not require additional room on the sides of the driveway.

No matter what the style of electronic gate is that you choose there will be major benefits for you.  Convenience, increased safety and containment are three of the most prevalent benefits that are given when home and business owners alike are asked why they choose to have an electronic entry gate installed.

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Benefits of Installing A Driveway Entry Gate

Homeowners often think of ways to improve their homes safety.  The first place many begin is with a driveway security entry gate.  As you start researching the installation of a security gate consider the benefits that come along with it besides the added security to your family and home.

List of Benefits That Come Along with Installing an Electronic Driveway Gates

Increased property value: Adding an electronic driveway entry gate to your home enhances the property value of your home.  Installing a new remote entry gate adds equity to your home value.  In fact the cost of the gate is likely to improve the equity on the home above and beyond the actual cost of the electronic gate materials, installation and maintenance services.

Enhanced aesthetics: A new driveway entry gate improves the look of your landscape.  Gates come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and materials.  You can match the entry gate to your fencing for an enhanced look to your hard.

Remote entry: With remote entry an access entry is the most convenient way in and out of your home.  You never have to leave the car to access entry to the home with the use of access control systems.  A remote access gate works much like a garage door.  Another feature that is extremely handy is that ability to power the fence on a timer.  Once you drive through the fence it will automatically close a few seconds later.

Reduced insurance premiums: Many insurance companies will reduce the premiums for homeowners that have driveway entry gates.  They are highly secure and effective at securing and protecting your family and property from outsiders.  This is of an increased benefit to insurers as the added protection makes your home less inviting to intruders thus less likely you will ever need to file a claim.

Privacy: Electronic entry gates can be made from a variety of materials including wood, chain link, aluminum, wrought iron and more.  If you desire a gate that secludes the yard choose a solid fence material like wood.  A wooden electronic gate when used in combination with privacy fencing allows for a complete seclusion of your home.

Improved security: Electronic entry gates improve safety for a number of reasons including:

The gate itself is designed to block out intruders and prevent physical access to the home and family.

Camera can be installed on the gate so that homeowners can verify who is asking for entry before allowing access to the home.  Cameras can also detect intruders trying to access the space 24/7.

Intercoms can be placed by the entry to permit people to request entry.

The installation of an electronic driveway gate improves the safety of your home.  It also adds convenience to entry with the use of remote controls and keypad entry.  The overall value of a driveway gate is seen over and over with the various benefits it adds to your home.

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Spring Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Home

Home improvements are not all created equally.  There are those renovations that are only done for the intrinsic value that they bring to the homeowner and family unit; one such exterior renovation that does just that is the installation of an in ground pool.  Homeowners most often will not get the money that they put into a pool back when they sell the home.   Whereas some renovations increase your homes value enough to cover the materials and labor.

Projects that offer homeowners a solid return on their investment all have certain qualities in common.   Low maintenance, high quality, energy efficiency renovation projects that are budget friendly make the best remodeling investments for the long term increase in the equity of your home.

Updating the homes entry way by replacing the front door is a great way to enhance the exterior of your home while adding curb appeal that increases the value of your home.  New steel front doors kick up the appeal of your home while yielding the best payback.  An updated entry with a new front entry door transforms the entire look and feel of the home’s exterior.  A new door also works to enhance the energy efficiency of the home without busting your renovating budget.

Another exterior renovation that offers a terrific return on your investment is the addition of an electronic driveway gate.  Installing a driveway gate is not only an equity building renovation it also offers other advantages to homeowners.  Electronic driveway gates increase home security, decrease insurance rates, improved privacy along with countless other benefits.

Another exterior project that works to increase the value of your home is new siding.  Old worn out siding decreases the homes curb appeal.  In fact worn out siding can decrease the value of the home by ten percent.  Updated siding on the other hand tells buyers that the homeowner takes care of all aspects of the home including the exterior.

Kitchen remodeling offers the best return on investment when looking into interior renovations.  Open space kitchens are value boosters to your homes equity.  Painting the interior of the home is an inexpensive interior update that works to increase the price homeowners can ask when selling their home.

When considering all home renovations think about the overall cost of the renovation project verse the equity value it adds to your home.  Some renovations such as painting provide an inexpensive project with a solid return on investment.   A home project does not need to be costly to improve the overall value of your home and not every renovation needs to bring an increase in the equity of the home.  Sometimes the best renovations homeowners can take on are those that provide overwhelming value to the homeowner while boosting the homes equity.

SAC Fence Michigan offers a variety of electronic driveway gates, access control entry systems and fence options for homeowners to choose from.  You will find a variety of fencing options online at http://www.sacfencemi.com/.

Protection With Electronic Entry Gates

When it comes to home security nothing beats installing an electronic driveway gate.  They are aesthetically pleasing while deterring thieves and protecting your most valuable belongings.

It is possible that you have seen an electronic driveway gate and consider installing one in your driveway.  It is possible you hesitated because you wondered if the benefits of installing an entry gate were really worth the cost and wonder exactly how you would go about getting one installed.

In this article we will discuss both.  Installing a driveway entry gate is so worth the cost of both installing and operating the gate.  Not only does the entry gate increase protection from thieves, an electronic entry gate is perfect for keeping children and pets contained.  It is a win-win, your home is safe from outsiders and your family is protected from outside dangers.

If installing an entrance gate is not enough security for you consider additional features such as electronic entry, automatic cameras and an intercom system.  These features allow homeowners to not only keep individuals from entering they also allow you to let them in as well.

Another benefit to electronic entrance driveway gates is that they enhance the curb appeal of your home thus increasing the overall value.  Driveway gates are one of the few home improvements that not only hold their value but work to increase the equity in the home.

Another benefit of electronic entry gates is that they are customizable to compliment your family’s lifestyle.   There are an overwhelming abundance of features to choose from to ensure that you install a gate that works perfectly with your unique situation.  Consider pulling into your drive each and every day.  How will you feel knowing your home is secure, aesthetically welcoming and customized to your needs?   How does it make you feel knowing that this one home improvement can increase the value of your home over five percent?

Security within your home environment is priceless. Not only does an electronic entry gate keep predators out it also keeps your children, pets and family within the safety of the boundaries you have put into place.   It can be difficult to let our kids play outside without adult supervision but an electronic driveway gate can help ease your fears.   Your children and pets will be safe from the dangerous that lie outside the boundaries of your home environment; safe from traffic, safe from predators and safe from danger.

With the installation of an electronic driveway security gate comes a great deal of benefits.  Not only are homeowners protected from criminals, they have a barrier to keep loved ones in all while increasing the value of their homes.

SAC Fence Michigan offers a variety of electronic driveway gates, access control entry systems and fence options for homeowners to choose from.  You will find a variety of fencing options online at http://www.sacfencemi.com/.