Carpeting can be problematic, especially in Michigan where the weather can change like the minute hand on an analog wall clock. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or a home owner — keeping your carpets clean can be a real challenge. While vacuuming may help aesthetically, unless you have a professional-grade, or high-dollar, vacuum cleaner, your vacuuming probably does little more to actually clean your carpets than sweeping it with a broom would do. Visual cleanliness aside, however, carpeting is no more “clean” because it looks good than a wiped-off plate that held raw chicken is “clean” because you don’t see any residue from the bacteria-ridden juice. So, maintaining a clean carpet is about more than just how it looks, and that’s why you really do need professional carpet cleaning services.

Unless you’re super-strict about who walks on your floors and how they do it — sans shoes with clean socks only — for instance, your carpeting will attract a whole host of elements that range from unappealing to outright infectious. However, vacuuming with a conventional vacuum, even if it’s backed up with the occasional steam cleaning or carpet shampoo, simply will not help you to clean your carpets sufficiently. Regardless of how you feel about door-to-door vacuum salespeople or the wares that they push, their demonstrations showcase a valid problem with department-store vacuum cleaners — they push more surface dirt around than they actually pick up, and they certainly do not remove the deeply-embedded elements.

Professional carpet cleaners, on the other hand, have the tools necessary to help you remove the dirt, grit, and allergens from your carpeting. While you can shampoo your carpeting, or steam clean it with a grocery-store steamer rental, if you aren’t cleaning your carpets completely to begin with, all you’re doing is adding water to the dirt, grit, and allergens that reside in your mat or at the bottom of your carpet where conventional vacuums simply cannot reach. As if creating ‘mud’ in your carpeting isn’t bad enough, the grit that stays in your carpeting can shorten the life of your carpeting substantially, especially in high-traffic areas.

While you may not need professional carpet cleaning services every week, it’s not a bad idea to bring some professional cleaners into your home or office every few months to clean your carpeting thoroughly. Not only will a good carpet cleaning extend the life of your carpeting, it will make it cleaner, and thus safer, for you and those who frequent your carpeted floors.

Saniglow is a Brighton, Michigan residential and commercial carpet cleaning company.