Whether your bathroom is small and cramped, or it just feels like it, there are ways that you can increase the size of your bathroom, at least perceptually, without having to hire a bathroom remodeling company. Here are five tips that you can use to make your small bathroom seem bigger than it really is.

Walls and flooring – keep them soft and light

The color of your bathroom’s walls and flooring can have a big impact on how you perceive your bathroom. Colors will not only affect the ‘mood’ that your bathroom conveys, but they will also affect how you see your bathroom size-wise. Lose the contrasting colors and crazy wallpaper and replace them with a simple, light-colored theme with a soft wall patten, if any. If your bathroom is too ‘busy’ or has starkly contrasting colors, this tends to make your bathroom look smaller.

Bring in the lights

Lighting isn’t just good for the eyes; illumination can also help to make your bathroom seem larger than it really is. If you can, it’s best to incorporate natural lighting, such as through a skylight or through generous use of windows. However, if those options are not available to you for budget, space, or privacy reasons, adding more light to your bathroom, specifically in low-light areas, can really open things up, especially when used with lighter colors in your bathroom.

Use mirrors to your advantage

Just like the mirror in Snow White had magical properties, mirror can work their ‘magic’ to make your bathroom seem bigger than it really is. If possible, place a mirror opposite of an outside window, or at the very least, place mirrors opposite each other to improve your bathroom’s perceptual space. If you’re an abstract thinker type with a penchant for the scientific side of life, you can even use your mirrors creatively to bounce light off from each other to brighten your bathroom up even more. Which, more light is always better when you’re trying to make a room look bigger than it actually is.

Replace your low-setting, wide cabinets with tall, skinny cabinets

Just like vertical lines on your clothing will make you look taller and slimmer, opting for tall, skinny cabinets vs. clunky, wide-based cabinets, will give your bathroom the perception of being taller than it really is.

Remove the knick-knacks and doodads

While decorating your bathroom to make it feel more ‘homey’ may appeal to you, too many decorations, ornaments, floor mats, wall-hung candles, and pictures will actually clutter up your room causing it too look and feel more restricted. If you have a small bathroom and you want to make it look bigger, you have to minimize the clutter, which can mean removing some of the excess decorations from your bathroom.

The previous ideas are available to just about anybody who is into DIY bathroom remodeling and has a bit of handyman (or handy-woman) experience. However, if you have a bit of money tucked away, you can always hire a bathroom remodeling contractor to come in and make a few changes that can have a big impact on your bathroom space perception. For instance, you can incorporate recessed lighting to free up wall space, opt for a wall-mounted toilet and sink vs. the standard floor-mounted models, and if you have a traditional bathroom door that opens inwards, you can replace that with a sliding door that hides itself within your wall.

Regardless of your budget, though, even these small and inexpensive bathroom remodeling project ideas make a big impact on how you perceive your bathroom’s available space.

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