It is not uncommon to hear of disasters occurring during any remodeling project let alone a major renovation such as a kitchen.  When a kitchen is being updated and not overhauled the issues tend to be smaller and easier to handle.  Homeowners who are really going for a whole new kitchen however may run into far more difficulties.

Correcting issues from a poor initial kitchen design may make many homeowners heads spin.  There is so much to think about when starting a complete kitchen remodeling job.  It is hard to address every issue before it arises but it helps to have some basic questions answered ahead of time and general knowledge of kitchen designs in place.   It is important to look into general issues that can arise and address the before they become major catastrophes.

For instance if your redesign requires removing and replacing cabinets in a different design than currently exists it is important to have a designer come in and talk about the options available.   Doing this step alone is not advisable. Errors are easy to make when measuring and configuring door swing and placement.  Many stores will offer these services free of charge with the order of cabinetry from them.

Another issue is to determine if the new design keeps in mind the rule of the “work triangle”.  The rule states that the most common work spaces, the sink, the stove and the refrigerator should be the most efficient distance from one another, thus allowing the minimization of traffic through the work area.

Another issue that arises is the purchasing of appliances.  It is imperative that homeowners know the size and style of fixtures and appliances in the very beginning stages of design.  The way certain appliances open and close affect spacing so this is certainly something to figure out ahead of time.  The sink fixtures for instance are important to determine ahead of the game.  If a homeowner want the large basin to one side or the other, is the dishwasher going to the left or right of the sink, will it be a drop-in or under mount and where the spray nozzle and disposal are positioned will be important in the design phase.

Kitchen flooring renovations are another area of concern.  It is important to look at the new flooring material and address issues such as extra height involved with certain flooring choices.  If a kitchen is going from linoleum to ceramic or wood that is a big difference.  The height of the cabinets and appliances along with the backsplash all need to be considered.  It is important also to remember that the floor may need an extra backer so it is necessary to take all of these things into consideration when planning for the flooring in the kitchen renovation.

Of course it is important to be happy with whatever purchases and design ideas the new design has in them.  Homeowners should look at the space, consider how it is to be used, define a color pallet have fun with making the kitchen space unique to the home.  It is a renovation most of us will only take on once in a lifetime.  The remodel should be timeless and something the family can enjoy for years to come.