With the current excitement about “going green” to protect the environment and improve lives, many people are wondering what steps they can take to make their homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. A great step would be to consider green windows with blinds between the glass.

Windows have come a long way from old-fashioned, single pane glass. Once the norm, these energy nightmares would let in excessive amounts of heat in the summer and let out equal amounts of purchased heat in the winter. People would resort to unattractive solutions in an attempt to insulate their windows against the weather, such as hanging blankets or lining windows with aluminum foil. Double pane glass is considered the norm now, and these windows are much better insulated. Innovations like low-e glass have significantly lowered heating and cooling bills for many people. A low-e coating, which stands for low-emissivity, reflects rather than absorbing heat, resulting in much less heat transference through the glass.

Windows take another energy leap forward, though, when they’re green windows with blinds between the glass. With these windows, a set of blinds in your choice of colors come permanently hung within the window itself, between the panes of glass. There are many benefits to considering these windows for your home.

Green windows with blinds between the glass will allow you to save significant money on your heating and cooling bills. This is a double pane window with low-e coating, plus the additional insulating benefit of the blinds between the glass. Summer heat won’t get into your home, and Jack Frost will be kept out in the winter. You’ll be amazed by how well these windows insulate.

The blinds between the glass are very stylish, too. It creates a streamlined look for your home, without flopping blinds hanging on the windows. Imagine how much easier it will be to clean. When you have green windows with blinds between the glass, you’ll never have to dust your blinds again – they won’t collect any. You’ll have a much easier time cleaning your windows, too, without blinds in the way. Think how fresh the sunshine will look when it’s not highlighting the dust on your blinds or dirt on your windows.

You’ll be able to choose how much or little of that sunlight you want to see, too. Just as with traditional blinds, you can tilt blinds between the glass to any angle you want from a control on the outside of the glass. In some models, you can also raise or lower the blinds.

Another benefit of green windows with blinds between the glass is that your blinds will always look brand new. Not only don’t they collect dust, they can’t be bent or scratched or pulled out of shape by pets or children. Your blinds between the glass will look perfect for years to come.

If you want to save money on bills, make your life easier, and make your home cleaner and more inviting, you should consider green windows with blinds between the glass. You’ll be glad you did.

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