Homeowners are always looking for a way to improve their homes while adding value and security.  Installing an attractive, durable aluminum fence is just one home improvement method in which both can be achieved.  Without breaking the homeowner’s budget aluminum fencing can be installed to enhance the visual appeal of the landscape, increase safety and increase the market value of the home.

There are numerous aluminum fencing styles, colors and enhanced features to choose from.  This allows homeowners the ability to find the perfect combination for their home and landscape.  It is important to fully understand the scope of any home improvement project before you begin.  In order to ensure your success when installing aluminum fencing it is crucial to consider the following tips.

Check Local Government and HOA Zoning Laws

The requirements for aluminum fence installation can vary a great deal from one local municipality to another.  It is crucial that the requirements limiting your installation are accounted for before installation.  From materials to boundary requirements understand the limitations you are up against even before placing an order for fencing.  Check into requirements that your HOA has in place considering the material, height, color and boundary placement of aluminum fencing as well.

 Verify Underground Utilities

This is an important step that many times is overlooked.  It is crucial that you call “Miss Dig” before you start digging.  The last thing that a homeowner needs is the hassle that comes along with breaking an underground utility.  Most posts need to have at least one third of their height underground while gate posts should a minimum of thirty inches deep.  With these depths you can see how it would be easy to nic a utility line.  It is also important not to place the fence over a utility line in case underground repairs need to be made at a later date.

Choose An Appropriate Grade of Fencing 

Many consumers are unaware that aluminum fencing comes in a variety of grades.  The location and use of the fence will allow you to determine the grade of fencing you should choose.  For instance, to enclose a backyard residential grade fencing is a reasonable choice.  If you live in an area that incurs a lot of windy weather you may consider the next step up to commercial fencing.  For heavy duty use there is an industrial grade option.  For use around commercial and residential pools there is also a pool grade aluminum fencing that can be installed and meets the standards set forth by the B.O.C.A., Business Officials and Codes.

In our next blog post we will continue the discussion on aluminum fencing and mistakes to avoid in order guaranteeing success during the installation process.

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