There are many misconceptions when it comes to aluminum fencing.  It is however important that homeowners recognize that aluminum fencing is in fact one of the best materials available in fencing especially when it comes to ease of installation.  Whether you are enclosing a pool, creating a perimeter border around your backyard or enhancing your existing landscape you can’t go wrong choosing to install aluminum fencing.

In this installment on fencing we will look to dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions that are associated with aluminum fencing.

The first misconception that is thrown around quite a bit when it comes to aluminum fence is that it is not nearly as strong as steel.  Not only is aluminum as strong as steel it offers that strength at a quarter of the weight of steel fencing.  In fact, it should be noted that the strength to weight ratio of aluminum fence panels is equivalent to the same density of steel.  Steel fencing may be stiffer and heavier but both fencing materials are made to withstand diverse conditions and climates.  Both steel and aluminum fencing are strong and highly durable.

Another common myth that is thrown around when talking about aluminum fencing is that is easily rusts.  This is in fact untrue; aluminum fencing does not rust.  Aluminum fencing is powder-coated therefore homeowners do not have to worry about rust or oxidization for the entire lifespan of the fence.

I often hear that landscapes with slopes and hilly terrain are not appropriate for aluminum fencing.  This again is untrue.  Aluminum fencing is designed to fit an number of slopes, inclines and uneven terrains.  With advancements in technology aluminum fencing rails are able to follow along the ground while the pickets in the fencing remain vertical.  This allows continuity to be maintained so the look of the fencing is not disrupted.

Another misconception that is common to hear when discussing aluminum fencing is that it doesn’t hold up well over a long period of time.   This is totally false.  In fact homeowners are said to repeat purchase aluminum fencing over any other material in fencing when purchasing materials to install at a new residence.  Powder-coated surfacing, low maintenance and resistance to wear and tear make aluminum fencing a popular repeat purchase.  It is the number one choice for homeowners looking to enclose a pool area just because it is so durable!

Aluminum fencing does cost a bit more initially then other fencing materials, this is true.   There are some things to consider when discussing this in more detail including the low cost of maintenance and the ability to install it on your own without hiring a professional contractor.  What aluminum fencing may cost you above and beyond other fencing materials is comparable to the labor expense in of other materials.

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