Custom blinds add a statement to any room’s décor. Whether you are just moving in or redoing existing window treatment blinds can add versatility to any window treatment. The key to having custom blinds is that you must make sure you measure them to fit your windows precisely.

In order to measure your windows correctly there are certain tips that should be followed. It is important that a steel tape measure is used to measure the window for accuracy. Each measurement taken should be rounded to the nearest eighth of an inch. To do away with errors it is important to measure twice. I recommend that you take the first measurement write it down and then measure it again. If the two match than BINGO you are on target for correct measurements for your windows. It is important that you measure the width first and then measure the height. Even if your windows appear to be the same size they hardly ever are. Take separate measurements for all of your windows. It is important that you give the manufacturer the exact measurements from your windows they will make any necessary deductions.

It is also important to decide whether you are going to mount the custom blinds to the inside of the window frame or on the outside. Most people prefer the neater look of the blind sitting on the inside of the window frame. This lends depth to the window and allows for other window treatments, such as curtains, to be used. If the windows depth is lacking an inside mount may not be feasible and therefore is reason to mount the blind on the outside of the window sill. Using custom blinds on the inside of the window sill will allow for the most light blocked.

Your measurements need to be taken into consideration for mounting. If you are going to mount the blinds on the inside of the sill you will take and measure the width and height in three spots on the inside of the sill. I recommend that you measure from the top, middle and bottom for width. Height should be measured from the left, right and middle of the inside sill. The measurements needed for mounting the blinds on the outside is through the edge of the window molding. It is important to add at least an inch and a half for the hardware on outside mounts.

When hanging your new custom blinds make sure you come armed with the correct tools to make the job as simple as possible. You will need to have a steel tape measure, drill with several styles of bits, pencils, a level and a ladder or step stool. Make sure to read over all directions. You will need to take your time and follow them to the tee to optimize your new custom blinds.