One of the most difficult things about being a business owner is finding ways to attract and connect with customers.  Reaching clients is made simpler by using techniques that appeal to their emotions.  One way manufacturers can achieve this is to utilize proper product packaging and custom labeling techniques.  A main aspect in labeling and packaging is color.  It is ideal that designers to correlate colors, fonts, images and materials that work to connect consumers to the product in order to achieve success.  Understanding the psychology of color is crucial in label design.  The guide below will allow you to see how color is used to convey emotion and the manufacturer’s message.

There are many classes that can be taken to help custom label designers understand color psychology.  Color on labeling is utilized to allow products to stand out from the competition when on display.  It is important that a product speak for itself when there is not a company representative speaking on its behalf; a properly designed product label does just that.

Start by examining the ideals of the color graphic wheel when beginning to consider color options to represent your company brand and product lines.  The color wheel is a visual aide that shows how complementary colors create a dramatic contrast and offer the pop element to wow consumers.  This is ideal when it comes to graphic imaging and elements within the content just be careful of using this technique in large quantities as that may overpower the product.  That is the exact opposite of what manufacturers are looking to accomplish.

Looking for a relaxed vibe where the color flows naturally together; consider analogous colors.  Unlike complimentary colors which stand out these colors when used in conjunction of one another blend together and appeal to more subdued feelings.  They work well for the label background to help create a differential between the text and design.

Label designers should seek to follow the rule of threes when choosing a color palette off of the color wheel.  It has been researched that groups of three are perceived in a more positive light.  Jokes are funnier when said in threes, foods are more tasteful in threes and colors are more effective in threes.

In our next installment on the affects of color in labeling we will discuss different colors and textures affect the look and feel of your product label.  It is amazing the difference in customer perception between brown craft paper differs from metallic paper in labeling.

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