There are many options in fencing.  Two of the most popular options homeowners choose between are aluminum fencing and chain link fencing.  Let’s face the facts here though; one option is clearly more aesthetic then the other.  Chain link fencing is clearly not the more attractive of the two options although it is the most cost effective however both options are practically maintenance free.  Between the two there are a few other differences between chain link fencing and aluminum fencing to consider.

One consideration between the two, chain link and aluminum fencing, is the value that they bring to the property.  Any type of fencing is an investment in your home.   Choosing a style of fencing that best meets your needs along with the style of your home can work to increase the value of your home and therefore offer an increase in equity upon the sale of the home.  This is something homeowners must consider when choosing between fencing materials.

Chain link fencing offers the most cost effective solution for the short term but offers a low aesthetic appeal.  While aluminum fencing is attractive and offers a high visual appeal but tends to be a bit more costly then chain link.  In the long term chain link fencing may end up costing homeowners more with the low visual appeal, maintenance and ability to rust. All of which can end up lowering your overall property value.  Also, many homeowner associations and neighborhoods have restrictions against chain link fences.  Aluminum on the other hand offers numerous decorative styles and colors to choose from.  It is also incredibly sturdy and resistant to changes in climate. Aluminum fencing is an investment in your home that is meant for long haul.

One more reason aluminum fencing outweighs chain link for the best option in fencing is the limitless options in ornamental design and color.  There are also a lot of extra options to help homeowners customize aluminum fences where as chain link options are limited.  If you are looking for an option in fencing that stands out, aluminum is where it is at.  Choose from decorative finials, ornamental scrolls, or add accessorial caps to nearly all aluminum fences none of which is available in chain link fencing.

Fence maintenance is another consideration when considering between aluminum fencing and chain link.  Chain link can and will rust over time unless it is coated in a vinyl protective coat.  Aluminum fencing on the other hand is basically virtually maintenance free and durable.  It comes with a powder-coated finish that makes the fence panels do not require repainting or extra protection against changing climates.

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