Vertical blinds are mainly thought of when installing sliding glass doors. This does not need to be the case. Vertical blinds can be fit to be installed in windows throughout the home. They work wonderfully in windows that are long in which most horizontal blinds would have issues with bowing in the middle. Another thing that is wonderful about vertical blinds is that they are so easy to clean and dust does not accumulate on them like it sits on mini blinds. Another feature that is nice in vertical blinds today is that you can select them with different textures, styles, and colors which make them fit into many different room decors. The one down fall that vertical blinds posses is that they tend to give a more contemporary feel to the rooms décor. Depending on the style of your home this could be determined not to be an issue at all.

A very inexpensive popular choice today is mini blinds. Because they are so inexpensive and lightweight they are often ideal for new construction and apartments. Something in which you need a solution but that is temporary. Mini blinds are often used in temporary situations because they tend to be flimsy, breaking easily, and tend to be the least attractive type of blind. They are inexpensive and easy to replace which makes them valuable to many temporary situations. They are also good at varying the degree of light let into your home.

The next trend in window blinds is faux wood blinds. They have the look of real wood but at fractions of the cost. It is a very durable material but does tend to be heavier than real wood. Since they are moisture resistant they are easy to be cleaned. These blinds work well in bathrooms, kitchens, and kid’s rooms.

Real wood blinds are very warm and natural looking. They are good with many color scheme options. Wood blinds are also much lighter than the faux wood blinds. It is nice because depending on the wood and the heaviness will determine the amount of light that is let in. The one major disadvantage is that they are bulky and tend to take up a good portion of the window when they are drawn.

As you can see there is a lot to learn about blinds as window treatments. Another thing to think about is that even if you use blinds you can still use valances or curtains for an even decoration. This will add a different dimension than just the look of window blinds alone.