If you have children, four legged or two, you will understand that it is impossible to keep anything clean. The walls are all muddled up with hand prints, the toilet lids all close funny because they are slammed not gently placed, and each and every blind or window treatment has been tugged at, chewed on, or used as a napkin. This is why I am convinced that they came out with windows where the actual window treatment, blinds, are incased between the glass. No more replacements needed from chewed cords or broken blinds. They are sealed up nice and tight and nothing is getting to them. Not moisture, not dust, not bugs, not pets or children can ruin these. Fool proof is what I think they are.

So many bad blind stories so little time. First one that starts with my children and ends with my spouse burning a hole in the carpet. My kids think they need to know what is going everywhere we are. So one day when we were outside raking leaves my daughter pulls the blinds up, hard, and peeks outside to see what we are up to. She then tries to release the shade with no luck. They are a little tricky those min-blinds. It was stuck in the mechanism at the very top. So she does what any great kid would do and climbs a chair to fix it. In the process of bringing down the min-blinds, literally, she broke one. My spouse, being the OCD one decides we can not have blinds with a broken blind so she gets the box of replacements and sets out to replace the broken blind. Of course it happens to be one in the middle so we take the blinds apart, string them back together, and try to replace the bottom portion. Well the cord had started to fray so my spouse decided to take a match and melt the cord so that it would slide in easier. Now you see why I have a burn mark in the carpet. What a debacle this experience was. So this is why I whole heartedly believe blinds between the glass were invented.

Also, those pesky little four legged creatures have a way of destroying blinds. I haven’t met a cat or dog yet that sees something dangle that they don’t think is a toy for them to play with. Once they attack the ball they are for sure going to chew on it and pull it. I have come home many a times and found the little wooden ball off our roman shades and a sweet kitty face telling me she did it. The other problem is the shade is then destroyed and needing some reshaping because her paw has caught the cord and of course the cord one leaving her pulling her paw and nail till finally the shade gives in and lets go. I am sure that is how the blinds end up in the middle of the window.

That is why I am replacing the windows and blinds in our home with windows that come with the blinds sealed right in them. I know I will make the extra cost up in sanity, and carpet, saved. The look will stay sleek, not chewed and broken. When we have people visit I will not have to dust blinds, I will not have to wash curtain. All I will do is lift the blinds between the pains of glass and let the company in.