Spring is right around the corner and the warm weather brings out an abundance of homeowners looking to rejuvenate the interior and exterior of their homes.   The installation of a decorative aluminum fence may sound like a great spring project to consider.  Installing your own fence saves you money, gives you experience with a project, allows you to do it your own way and offers a large sense of accomplishment when all said and done.  In any home improvement project there are mishaps that can happen.  Thankfully many people before you have installed aluminum fencing and can help you avoid making the same mistakes they did.

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Aluminum Fencing

Underground Utilities:  One of the biggest mishaps that occur is when homeowners accidentally cut underground wiring, cables or pipelines as they prepare to install fence posts.  This is important so you might want to read it twice; when you begin planning for your new fence call the utility company to mark the ground for underground utilities.  This task should be done before placing an order for fencing so that if adjustments for underground utilities need to be made they are easily adjusted for.

Issues Surrounding Posts:  One of the trickiest issues when installing aluminum fencing is where to and how to dig out the holes for the posts to go into.  When an original plan is made the number of posts needed will be predetermined.  The aluminum fence company will help you plan the number of panels and posts required.  When installing end posts it is important to get them as close to the house as possible without actually touching the house.  The gate posts also need special consideration when being installed to account for the size of the gate and the hinges.

Also consider the number of posts and the depth required to set each post to determine if you can manually dig the holes or if you should rent an auger.  An auger runs about one hundred dollars a day to rent.  If you are digging more than a couple of holes it makes sense to save your back and rent an auger.  This will make digging the holes needed for the posts much simpler, especially on hard soil.

Concrete:  There are two different types of concrete that can be used when setting aluminum fence posts: dry and wet set.  Most often, wet set concrete should be used because it will dry evenly which provides a more solid anchor.  Dry concrete is easier to use for alignment but tends to dry irregularly and offer a less solid foundation then wet set.  One bag of concrete is usually sufficient for each post hole that was dug.

When buying aluminum fencing online it is important to work with a company that offers sufficient support to consumers throughout the entire process from planning to installation.  The installation process of aluminum fencing is pretty straightforward and painless when homeowners follow the directions provided.

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