The thought of drowning scares me to death. The thought of my child drowning because the right safety precautions were not taken scares me even more. The laws of pool ownership have become more stringent in previous years. Even after you have installed aluminum pool fencing to comply with your states legislation there are things you should keep in mind. To ensure complete safety for all of your guest make sure that you are aware of all the hazards that a backyard pool brings with it.

It is a must that your aluminum pool fence has a lock that is out of reach for small children. It is your responsibility to ensure that little guests are not in the pool if unsupervised. A drowning can take place in as little as a minute so be sure that children are not alone by the water and that entry is only available to adults. Aluminum fencing is also wonderful to have around your pool because it keeps small critters out as well as guest that are not water safe yet.

Make sure that you keep life saving devices available in your pool area. Keep life rings in the pool area to help in case someone finds themselves needing assistance. Life jacket should also be in the area for any guest that might not be able to swim well.

It is also wise that a copy of lifesaving techniques be posted along with emergency numbers. Often when a tragedy is happening we tend to forget all rational thought. It is best to keep these items in sight for easy use if an emergency happens within your pool area.

Pools should be equipped with lighting. It is important that your pool have lighting especially when swimming is taking place in the later hours of the day. When the sun is setting it is often difficult to see into the bottom of the pool to check for anything that might be lying on the pool floor.

Children should always be accompanied by an adult swimmer. Make sure that people don’t leave children unattended even for a split second to run into the house for anything. In those seconds anything can happen. Make sure an adult is present that is sober. When a parent is impaired it is often difficult to think coherently. It would be utterly devastating if you were not able to save a child because you had too much to drink.

Keep all drinks in the pool area in aluminum or plastic containers. Glass bottles can lead to massive injuries. This is such a little precaution to take in order to keep a child from getting cut if the bottle happens to break. Also, if glass shatters and falls into the pool water you will have an incredibly difficult time making sure that you have removed it all from the pool.

When you leave the pool for the night make sure that you have a pool cover on. This along with the safety latch should detour any child from getting into the pool. When you cover the pool you take away the excitement that comes from seeing the water. They also sell pool alarms that you can use along with the pool cover to monitor entrance into the water. If someone happens to find their way in an alarm will sound and you can immediately respond.

We would all like to think a simple aluminum fence around the pool will keep our children safe. However, we have all seen in recent years where a precaution was not taken and a child has needlessly drowned. You don’t want that memory to haunt your backyard fun. Make sure you make all the necessary measure in keeping your backyard a fun zone.