After basking in the sun and cooling off in your refreshing pool, maintenance of said pool can sometimes be an afterthought. Neglecting to maintain your pool properly can result in thousands of dollars worth of damages and eventually cause your pool to be uninhabitable. To avoid ultimate disaster and continued enjoyment of your pool, check out our tips to keep your pool under control.

Remove Dirt and Debris
This might seem obvious but keeping the surface of your pool free from dirt and other organic material can help prevent infection. Pool vacuums are designed to swiftly remove debris, algae, and other harmful compounds. It is recommended to vacuum your pool at least once a week. Simultaneously, brush your pool’s walls, steps, and floors, along with skimming the water’s surface. 

Water Your Pool
That’s right; you need to maintain your pool’s water level by adding water appropriately. If your pool has lower or higher levels than it should, the chemical water balance can easily get thrown off. Moreover, pool filters and water skimmers have a hard time keeping the water clean if the water level is not adequate.

Keep the Chlorine in Check
The magic number for keeping your pool properly sanitized is to add three parts per million (ppm) of chlorine to the water. If you smell chlorine or have itchy eyes, use an at-home test to ensure your levels aren’t too high. Chlorine is the most reliable solution for cleaning pools, as it won’t corrode plumbing or discolor pools like salt water. 

Clean the Filter
Depending on how often you use your pool, cleaning your filter is absolutely necessary for pristine water. Signs it is time to clean your filter include unusual odor, clogged drain, or an inefficient hose cleaner. Cartridge filters will need to be cleaned every four- to six months. Diatomaceous earth filters should be completely disassembled and cleaned every three- to six months. Sand filters should be replaced every three- to five years.

Create a Schedule
We’ve established that pools need to be maintained regularly, but it’s still easy to forget. Ensure you remember when it’s time to clean your pool by setting notifications on your phone or writing reminders in your calendar. The cleaning intensity depends on each pool, but once you figure out exactly what your pool needs, try to be as consistent as possible. 

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