We’ve all heard of unexpected situations that require survival skills, but what is survival, exactly? Survival is the act of continuing to live or exist in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances. Often, it involves overcoming challenges, beating unimaginable odds, and championing through overall grueling situations. 

Without a doubt, the most imperative tool to withstand stress during emergencies is maintaining the proper mindset. 

Besides obvious factors such as being physically strong, one’s reaction to stress or their ability to handle fear in emergency situations can result in either life or death. Positive psychological responses to stress are pivotal in maintaining survivalist attitudes. 

Since all emergency situations are unplanned, keeping a calm, steady mindset is important for increasing one’s chances of survival. Improvisation is key, and a negative or defeatist attitude can bring down specific individuals as well as the entire morale of a group. 

Being stubborn or having a strong will can be helpful in situations requiring that “fight or flight” attitude. Conquering obstacles and moving toward an end goal of survival rather than defeat or exhaustion is necessary for persisting. 

While in emergency situations, numerous problems will arise that will undoubtedly require a bit of problem-solving. Rather than succumbing to failure, always consider your safety. Analyze all the enemies in the situation, such as loneliness, fatigue, pain, cold/heat, hunger/thirst, etc. and develop a plan of action accordingly, without emotion.

Trying to stay logical rather than emotional is always preferred during emergency situations. Recognizing your fear is also an essential factor, but remember a more dangerous enemy than fear is panic. An uncontrolled urge to run or escape from a situation is generally triggered by the mind while experiencing stress. Panic can lead to exhaustion, injury, or death.  

The best way to minimize panic and stay calm is to think rationally, stay logical, assess the situation from an outside perspective, and maintain positive thinking. 

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