You can’t see us, but we’re jumping for joy! Pool season is almost here, and after a dreary winter, you might be just as excited as we are…but not so fast. It takes more than skimming the water or removing the pool cover to “open” your pool for the season. Read on for suggestions.

Timer Settings
Ensure your pool timer is set to the correct season to run the most efficiently. You can waste money and energy by letting it run too long or too little.

Clean Debris
Skimmer baskets and the pump should be emptied of debris. Even though this might sound like a no-brainer, letting debris (like leaves) sit too long can clog the plumbing/filtration systems, damaging the pool pump. If the basket is cracked, make sure you replace it as soon as possible to avoid future issues. Also make sure you dislodge debris from the walls and floor by brushing around the pool.

Pressure Gauge
While the pump is off, the pressure gauge should be at zero. If it’s running above zero, it’s time for a replacement. This gadget is critical for understanding whether the rest of your pool equipment is functioning properly.

If your pool uses a chlorine float, fill it and replace it if cracked. The steady supply of chlorine (or sanitizer of your choice) will help your water handle heavy usage, animals, leaves, etc.

Check for Leaks
Look around the pump, filter, valves, and other equipment to ensure there are no leaks. Small leaks might not seem drastic, but they can eventually cause a disaster. Try to isolate any issues and contact a pool technician if you see any leaks.

Balance Water
Last but not least, get ready to hop in your pool by using chlorine, shock, or other pool chemicals to neutralize the pH. Use your water test results as a guide to determine what is needed.

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