Medicare Supplemental Senior

Having basic knowledge on how Medicare Supplemental Insurance works when getting close to the age of 65 can give you better health care, reduce expenses and stress! From age 65, it has been proven that 85% of people suffer from health problems and have a high usage of prescription drugs. The major benefit that people of this age have is their savings, and no one wants to spend their savings on health issues.

The governments Medicare program has helped millions of people obtain health care since 1966. Theses polices include coverage at hospitals known as Medicare part A and at the doctor’s office known as Medicare part B. However, the Medicare part A and part B does not cover prescription drugs, dental, vision or long term care. Medicare Part A & B can have gaps in coverage.

How does supplemental insurance work?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance offers services either not covered or partially covered by the original Medicare program parts A & B. The benefits of the ten supplemental policies are offered by private insurance companies like us. Supplemental plans help fill in coverage gaps left by Medicare parts A & B.  You have to have Parts A & B of Medicare to get the supplemental Insurance.

There are 10 types of Medigap plans, they are labeled by letters. A, B, C, D F, G K, L, M, and N. Not every insurer offers all 10 plans, and prices can vary, but all the plans are standardized by the federal government. This means from company to company the benefits of the plans remain the same, but the price will be different. We take the time and shop around different companies to get you the best rates!

Who is eligible for medigap?

The beneficiary is already entitled to Medicare part A and also needs to be enrolled in part B before they can qualify for Medicare Supplemental Insurance. After the age of 65, participants can easily apply for supplemental insurance. Again, It is important to know each supplemental plan covers the same benefits no matter what company sells it, the only difference is price.

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