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Should You Repair or Replace Medical Equipment?

For hospitals and medical equipment owners, the dilemma of whether to repair or replace faulty medical equipment can be a headache. When it comes to oncology equipment components and parts are important to be in top-notch condition so that there is no discrepancy left in treating patients with these important medical devices.

If you are someone who is finding it hard to whether replace or repair the components of your LINAC, then we are here to help you decide.

Take A Look At the History

First, consider the equipment’s past.  According to Healthcare Finance, one of the many things to look for when deciding between repairing and replacing is considering the equipment’s past. Since you have been operating the equipment for long, you should have a good idea of how it had been in the past. Has it had to be repaired, just once in a blue moon or is this first time that it needs to be repaired. If the equipment has needed to be constantly repaired or seems to be failing more and more often than maybe it is time that it is replaced.

Then leverage the costs between repairing the equipment constantly and buying a new machine.  You may find that repairing then equipment costs more than purchasing a new one. This fact holds true especially for the components that have been used for a long time. You should compare the costs of the new equipment and the cost of repairing and then reach a decision.

Also look at the performance of the devices.  Has it been performing well?  Has it been breaking down?  Too often, a broken device does not work properly even after it is repaired. Thus, in this situation, changing it or only the part which had been repaired becomes imperative. You shouldn’t resort to the faulty performance of the instrument just because it costs less.

What do manufacturers say about this?

You shouldn’t replace any equipment just because of a tiny fault for that is going to increase the burden on your pocket. However, when it comes to the following considerations, manufacturers prefer complete replacement.

Innovation in technology is happening every day. There are many parts of LINAC which are improved for better performance. The advance linear accelerators of today have better functionality and reduced breaking frequency. Also, the fact cannot be ignored that some patients prefer to be treated with new and innovative equipment rather than the ones that had been made years ago. Considering this, it becomes important to think about replacing the medical equipment so that treatments are carried out in a better way.

Obtaining peace of mind is an important element for patients and medical facilities.  Evaluating the right price of repairing can be very hard. Before you call a repairer, you should consider how long the equipment would go further in the future after the repair. As you can see this whole process just takes away the peace of mind, replacing the equipment is a better option. Most medical equipment comes with a warranty as you might know. This means that you can expect no burdens of repairing for a long time to come.

Look At Your Finances

If we were to give you a clear-cut verdict on whether you should change or repair your linear accelerator parts or LINAC parts, then we’d say that considering all the factors above, it solely depends upon the state of your company’s finance at the time the machine broke down.

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.

How Do Linear Accelerators & CT Scanners Work In Cancer Treatment?

Cancerous cells in the body grow and divide rapidly.  Faster in fact than ordinary treatment machines can handle. The level of growth in cancer cells is in high proportion compared to the growth of healthy cells around the same area. The cancerous cells are developing quickly and in no time at all will turn into tumors causing excruciating pains and discomfort to the patient. For this reason, a special treatment machine, a linear accelerator, is needed to stem the advancement of the cancer cell and protect healthy cells from fallen victims during treatment.  This radiation equipment is often referred to as LINAC systems and work with CT scanners to treat and detect areas of the body affected by cancer cells.

Targeting Cancer

Linear accelerators & CT scanners use a focused beam of energy to destroy cancerous cells while avoiding healthy tissues in surrounding areas from damage. The machine aims at delivering targeted treatment through the generation of energy-intensive beams delivered from different angles to focus on the parts affected by the tumor to pass a precision quantity of radiation energy to treat cancer patients.

Before commencing treatment with linear accelerators, the treatment plan will involve different types of 3-D scans of the body such as CT scanners, PET scan or MRI. These scans and some other test results conducted by the radiation oncologist and a team of treatment experts will determine the best technique suitable for each case.

How Cancer Treatments Work

Linear accelerators or LINAC works by using image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) which involves applying a variety of digital imaging technology to locate the exact location of the tumor in the patient’s body and target the area for treatment. This advanced, precision-driven radiation therapy is used worldwide to battle the scourge of cancers globally. The exciting part of this equipment is its ability to locate and treat a dynamic ailment as cancer which is known to shift from time to time, and therefore LINAC uses powerful precision target radiation beam energy to pinpoint the exact location of a tumor and destroys it with minimal damage to healthy cells.

Linear accelerators use photons (X-rays) to deliver IGRT radiation. The machine is about 15 feet long and stands nearly nine feet tall which rotates around the patient with great precision. LINAC uses microwave energy, just like what is used in satellite TV transmission to accelerate electrons at almost the speed of light. Upon getting to the highest rate, the electrons collide with a tungsten target and releases photons.

3 Steps Of Treatment

Cancer treatment involves three steps: diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment delivery. The starting stage – diagnosis, uses the CT scanners to pinpoint the exact location of the tumor, the planning stage is using simulation to confirm the precise location of the cancer cells further because it will require radiation beam for treatment and it is essential to avoid killing healthy cells. Once the cancer cells are localized, the radiation treatment plan is concluded, and treatment delivery will commence.

Treatment delivery is a highly coordinated effort to ensure maximum impact. It could be 5 days per week schedule which may last for nine weeks or so. Due to the seriousness and highly sensitive nature of cancer treatment, using linear accelerators require intensive treatment preparations involving CT scanners and other diagnostic tools to ascertain the exact position of cancer cells before delivering the therapy.

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.

Purchasing Refurbished Medical Equipment

The purchase of refurbished equipment is now becoming a standard practice in the healthcare industry. With limited money, companies look at this option as a cost-reducing alternative to purchasing new equipment. However, buying used or refurbished medical devices isn’t essentially a sacrifice on quality. In reality, the only major variations between latest and used medical devices are the price and the amount of time you’ve got to invest so as to hunt down a decent deal. When buying refurbished medical devices, you will be spared in around half of the price than compared to buying a new one. Pay for a brand new by buying refurbished instrumentality compared to purchasing it latest. Purchasing refurbished medical devices is extremely common among doctors establishing small practices.

How Refurbished Can Help

For every piece of the latest apparatus that’s accessible to you in the market, you may be able to find something similar that is used, at a reduced value. These devices may range from refurbished IV poles to refurbished ultrasound machines, refurbished CT scanners to refurbished linear accelerators. Refurbished medical devices are pieces of equipment that virtually have been restored back to their brand-new condition, by highly skilled medical technicians, before being discharged back to the market. This means that whatever required fixing gets fixed, all used up previous components get replaced and, therefore, the refurbished devices can work just as well as other comparable new pieces of apparatus. If you opt for a refurbished medical instrument, you will realize that you can get a high-end device that is as functional and durable as its brand-new counterpart, for half the price.

Look Into Warranties

The best thing about buying brand new medical devices is that you’ve got the benefit of knowing precisely what you’re paying for. Moreover, brand-new medical instruments additionally come with a factory warranty and, therefore, it makes you feel certain that the device will perform in a proper way for at least the mentioned amount of time. To counter this presumed disadvantage, look for warranties when purchasing refurbished equipment. This can involve doing a little research and taking a closer look at a number of the dealers since all refurbished medical instrument companies have their own policies on warranties and guarantees.

Taking The Extra Time to Research Will Be Worth It

However, if the additional time doing the research is worth the cash you save, shopping for refurbished medical equipment for your practice is definitely worthwhile. Although, before buying any refurbished device, always perform a background check on the company selling the refurbished devices before you make your final purchase. Gather information about their services and standards of quality and most importantly check out their client reviews.

Acceletronics is an independent refurbishment service providing company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability. From linear accelerators to CT scanners of all major brands and models, we provide complete and timely maintenance services for all medical equipment. Moreover, we can provide you with turnkey refurbished linear accelerators, refurbished CT scanners and other refurbished medical equipment, along with a proper warranty period for them without compromising on quality, in the most reasonable and affordable of prices. Therefore, if you are looking for maintenance services for medical devices or refurbished medical equipment anywhere across the US, we are your one stop shop. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.

In Depth Look Into LINAC Systems

A linear accelerator (LINAC) is a device, which functions by customizing high energy x-rays or electrons, so as to conform to a tumor’s shape, destroy cancer cells and spare surrounding normal tissue. This improvement incorporates a lot of built-in safety measures to ascertain that higher dose than prescribed will not be delivered. Besides, there are routine checks that are usually carried out on this equipment by a certified medical physicist to confirm its proper working.

When a patient is scheduled for radiation therapy via LINAC, a radiation oncologist will work in conjunction with both a radiation dosimetrist and a medical physicist to get a treatment plan develop for him or her. This treatment plan is usually double checked by a doctor prior to treatment in order to sustain quality assurance procedures.

What is a LINAC used for?

A linear accelerator (LINAC) is a device which is often used for the treatment of external beam radiation for cancer patients. All parts or organs of the body is indicated with the LINAC as it delivers high energy x-rays or electrons to the location of the tumor in the patient’s body. LINAC ensures treatment by destroying the cancer cells and spares the surrounding normal tissue. All body sites can be treated via LINAC, using conventional techniques and other therapies like Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy (SBRT), Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) and Stereotactic

How LINAC systems work?

A linear accelerator employs micro wave technology for accelerating electrons in the wave guide a part of the accelerator. It achieves this by allowing collusion between these electrons and a heavy metal. The target is to produce high energy x-rays.

As the x-rays exit from the linear accelerator, they are made to conform to the shape of the patient’s tumor. The customized beam, which is incorporated into the head of the machine, is then directed to the tumor.

At this point, the patient is positioned on a moveable treatment couch while the beam diffuses from the gantry (a part of the linear accelerator) and it is being made to rotate round the patient. From any angle, the tumor can receive radiation when the gantry is rotated and the treatment couch is moved.

LINAC and Safety

There are several ways of ensuring a patient’s safety while using this equipment.  Prior to treating a patient, the radiation oncologist in conjunction with the radiation dosimetrist and medical physicist develop and approve a treatment plan.

Having double checked this treatment plan, treatments and quality assurance procedures are carried out to ensure that the treatment will be delivered as planned. It is highly essential to ensure quality assurance of the accelerator. It contains several built-in systems which ensure that it does not deliver a higher dose than the one prescribed.

As a safety measure, the radiation therapist inspects the machine every morning and ensures uniform radiation intensity across the beam. Besides, a more detailed and annual checks of the linear accelerator are carried out by the medical physicist.  The modern linear accelerators also have some internal checking systems which prevent the machine from being turned on until all prescribed treatment requirements are met.

As treatment continues, the patient is continuously observed by the radiation therapist via a closed- circuit television monitor. The patient will also be able to speak with the therapist if the need arises. In addition, pot films and cone beams are regularly inspected to prevent variation of the beam position from the original plan.

It is also crucial to ensure the safety of the staff that operates the linear accelerator. The linear accelerator is placed in a room reinforced with lead and concrete walls to shield the high-energy x-rays and ensures that the accelerator is turned on from outside the treatment room. In this case, accidental exposure risks are drastically low.

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.

The Process of Refurbishing Linear Accelerators

As you may have guessed, linear accelerators are widely sought after because of the vital role they play in human health. They provide treatment support for the notorious world disease called cancer. The high demand for linear accelerators also is the cause of its cost making it quite exorbitant that only a few can afford it. No wonder even some countries hardly boast of more than a unit while some have none. The machine saves lives, and since the cost of acquiring new ones may seem a no-go area for some, they find solace in refurbished linear accelerators to the widespread of the deadly cancer. The good news is it does not matter whether you buy new or refurbished linear accelerators, they all function like new.

Your decision to buy new or refurbished linear accelerators depends on your pocket and the urgency of needs. Anyone wanting refurbished accelerator needs to know that being a refurbished machine doesn’t mean its faulty or less in bad shape; it means any part that won’t allow it to function in pristine condition has been replaced. What you are getting is the same fully functional machine where the only difference is the amount you bought it.

To put your mind at rest, let’s briefly look at the processes of refurbishing linear accelerators to see why it is good as new.

Refurbished Linear Accelerators Process of Refurbishment

It should be soundly evident that refurbishing a linear accelerator is the job of highly competent engineers trained in the technology and who have experienced the working of oncology devices. It is also the key to buying refurbished oncology machine; engage only tested and trusted professionals in the field. By no means is this an all-comers affair; only experts who understand the working and technology of the device can recommend what is right or not.

The Process of Refurbishing LINAC Systems

  • Expertise: Factory trained engineers, state of the art refurbishing facility. Refurbishing oncology devices need competent, factory trained engineers who will handle the replacement of the part in a refurbishing facility designed for the purpose. With this condition met, the following refurbishing process will commence.
  • Precision Engineering: Every part of the device will undergo a rigorous functionality testing to determine which part is oaky and those needing replacing. A dose output beam testing is done to check flatness and symmetry and dosimetry system. This is followed by MLC AND Portal Vision operational and calibration testing.
  • Cosmetic Process: After every part functionality testing is satisfactorily done the aesthetics of the equipment is then attended to for quality assurance and presentation. This covers the painting and couch facility for the patient.
  • Shipment: Once the refurbished linear accelerator is ready, the next stage is shipment to convey it to its next host. On this step, detailed shipment inventory list is generated to ensure every item is accounted for and ready for delivery. The means of shipment, by air, land or sea is determined and arranged.
  • Installation: The final journey to the host is accomplished and now ready for installation to commence operation.

Receiving The Qualified Personnel

Highly trained medical engineers and service personnel are used throughout the refurbishment process of LINAC systems. There is no gainsaying the machine is a complicated piece of equipment that needs the handling of the right experts to handle specific parts.

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.

Effective Maintenance is a Must for Radiation Oncology Equipment to Deliver Results

Oncology is about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all types of cancer. Clinical oncology uses much of the corpus of knowledge in the field of medical sciences to deal with patients with malignant tumor. Medical, surgical and radiation skills are primarily required for the treatment.

Medical oncology uses chemotherapy to attack cancerous tumors. The entire process of detection and treatment of all types of cancer requires a vast array of equipment. Among all such machines are linear accelerators and CT scanners. All these equipment of varied nature have to be maintained properly to ensure a smooth and quality treatment for the patients.

Scheduled check lists

Preventive and emergency maintenance is necessary for all such equipment. All such machines have a scheduled check list. This is gone through carefully every day. Various machines are examined after a scheduled interval of time for any faults and their removal. There is a preventive maintenance schedule for each machine. A software program provides regular intimation about the maintenance check for the day and records it after it is done successfully.

A medical establishment may have its own staff to conduct all the necessary preventive or emergency maintenance routines, or it may choose to go in for a service contract and outsource the work. The service companies have the experts to understand all the problems and the equipment to handle them. They can locate the basic problem easily and repair the machine quickly, without leading to any major disruption of the service.

Service contracts

The service contract could be for services throughout day or night, during working hours, for all the days of the week, only for the weekend, and for planned preventive maintenance. Or you pay for the actual work hours and the replacement material used. If equipment has been leased, it can be replaced by the service company for the time it takes to repair the loaned unit.

A linear accelerator uses external radiation to treat the affected organ of the body. It beams high-energy x-rays onto the patient’s tumor to damage cancerous cells. Linear accelerator services personnel can attend to equipment problems quickly. Their computerized systems respond within minutes and the job is done quickly.

Radiotherapy machines

CT scanners and CT simulators are used to plan all radiotherapy treatment. They can construct a 3D image of the patient and determine the different densities of tissue, organs and bones. This helps in radiotherapy planning. CT scanner and CT simulator services are available on various terms. Trained engineers can respond to such problems quickly. They can begin corrective work within a short time and bring back the machine operation to normal quickly. They too can be available 24 hour a day, seven days a week throughout the year. They can work during all hours and weekends too. The service contract can also be based on the cost of the material replaced and the time spent on the job by the company personnel.

Good maintenance

A good maintenance contract will always help the medical unit to get effective help quickly and to limit or altogether avoid any disruption in the healthcare services.

For more information on how we can assist your medical facility you can call our Linear Accelerator Repair Specialists at 610.524.3300 or visit our website at http://www.acceletronics.com.


Finding the Right Person to Repair Linear Accelerators

The most important part of the CT scan and X-ray machines is Linear Accelerators. Many new technologies and features have been introduced during the past few years in the linear accelerators. Most of the labs have the latest machinery but the real issue arises when some of the parts are not working properly.

You will soon realize that they will require linear accelerator replacement parts. You might get the best parts but if the installation is not perfect it will cause other issues down the road. Below you will find just a few of the reasons why you should always hire the professionals.

Linear accelerator expertise

They will have expertise in different parts of the machinery when you will hire the professionals. You will not find just one person that can repair linear accelerators completely. You will have to let them know the parts that are causing problems and the company will send the expert that is most familiar with that certain portion of the device. In this way, you will get the best possible services available.

Solution for every problem

The largest benefit of hiring the specialist is that they will provide you the solution of every issue that you might have been having. They will have knowledge on how to deal with various parts of the machine. If you are unsure of whats causing any issues, you can get the free consultation services and the experts will let you know the part of the machine that is failing and how you can resolve them.

Affordable rates

The most reliable and affordable services are provided by Experts

  • They have different packages regarding the repair linear accelerators services that customers might have been looking for
  • Regarding your requirements, you can select the package that you require
  • There are no hidden charges or services, everything is transparent
  • Don’t have to worry about paying for the services that you do not need.

Knowledge and practice

As technology continues to evolve, many new things are introduced into the market. The experts always have the knowledge regarding everything. They participate in every training session regarding the repair linear accelerators. They take part in special tests and practice runs to assure that the customers will be 100% happy with their services.

Quality services

The repair linear accelerators specialists are always reliable. They will assure that their customers will trust their working style. They have all the capabilities that you are wanting a technician to have.If you do not find some parts or services that you are looking for, let the experts know and they will be more than happy for find it for you.

Bottom line

We have been providing our customers with the best services regarding the linear accelerator replacement parts installation. At our platform, you will get all the latest parts. Please let us show you how we can be of help and know that we will not let you down.

Our customers are always satisfied with our services and that is why we have the highest reputation in the market. even more, our services are available at affordable rates. For more information, you can visit our website.

For more information on how we can assist your medical facility you can call our Linear Accelerator Repair Specialists at 610.524.3300 or visit our website at http://www.acceletronics.com.

A Look At Refurbished Linear Accelerators

Radiotherapy works by targeting high-energy gamma ray or electron beams onto cancer cells which are more prone to radiation damage than normal tissue. Refurbished linear accelerators are usually multi-modality ionizing radiation generators with associated imaging devices, currently used for delivery of external beam radiotherapy.

The contemporary linear accelerators provide either 6 MeV photons in the “low energy” range machines or dual/triple photon energy and several energies.

Systems Incorporated With Refurbished Linear Accelerators

  • Multileaf Collimator (MLC) for beam shaping
  • The capability to deliver intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)
  • 3D image guidance systems (IGRT)
  • Electronic portal imaging system for image treatment beams

Other additional features may be incorporated into the linear accelerators such as arc-based IMRT delivery, total body irradiation, high-dose rate electrons, and more.  Despite the high capital cost of purchasing them, their high patient turnover throughout over a long lifespan makes them extremely cost-effective compared with other treatment options.

The operation of refurbished linear accelerators should be according to the existing standards and regulations which include:

  • IEC standards
  • Radiation regulations
  • Guidelines for radiotherapy room design

Technical Considerations

The technology used in refurbished linear accelerators is essentially the same for all linear accelerators.  The high energy generation can be achieved either by implanting the “traveling waveguide technology” or by implementing the “standing waveguide technology”.

The first approach is simpler and very reliable, while the second approach features a more stable treatment beam.  The generated radiation beam is flattened and shaped using collimation devices to form a beam matching the shape of the tumor.  The wave guide, the filters, and the collimator are all mounted on a gantry which rotates around the patient, allowing the tumor to be irradiated from multiple directions.  There is a linear accelerator patient coach especially designed to allow irradiation of the patient from multiple directions.

Modern linear accelerators are designed to enable intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).  This is a dynamic radiotherapy delivery method which enables good control over the three dimensional dose distributions: the delivered beam instead of being flat changes the intensity at different points within the beam.

There are different types of refurbished linear accelerators IMRT delivery methods:

  • Step and Shoot Method: consists of delivering a series of different shaped fields formed by the MLC to build up a variable intensity pattern. The irradiation is stopped between the fields.
  • Dynamic MLC Method: in which the radiation runs constant, while the MLC leaves move across the field at variable speeds.
  • Arc Therapy Method: in which the radiation runs continuously and the gantry collimators and MLC leaves are all moving continuously. The dose rate also varies during the delivery.  Treatments are delivered in an arc, sometimes two.  This is probably the best choice for IMRT.

The multi-leaf collimator is a delicate computer-controlled mechanism.  The performance of the collimator depends on its resolution, the leakage radiation and the system penumbra.

The electronic portal imaging device allows verification of patient position on orthogonal two-dimensional images produced by the high-energy treatment beam.  The detector used for the portal imaging consists of an amorphous silicon indirect detection flat panel imager.

The imager system differs in the degree of complexity of software provided, as well as the ease of use.  The refurbished linear accelerators’ three-dimensional imaging systems can be materialized in three different ways:

  • 1) Applying diagnostic x-ray cone beam, in plain or orthogonal to the linear accelerators’ high energy beam.
  • 2) Using the high-energy treatment cone beam of the linear accelerator.
  • 3) Using a CT machine combined with the linear accelerator.

Record and Verify Systems

In modern radiotherapy departments, the refurbished linear accelerators are operated using record and verify systems, which deliver the treatments, as well as make a record of them.  These systems are usually connected to the general information network, which allows a wide functionality, including booking and scheduling, recording of patient’s notes, recording costs, image handling, and more.

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.



Tips for Buying a Refurbished Linear Accelerator

It is often that when you start research on linear accelerators that you will find various different choices that you can make.  It is important to take into account many of different factors. First and foremost is the cost of the accelerator itself. Now, the best way to save while spending is to look for a refurbished linear accelerator. That way, you will be able to get the machine you want in a more affordable way.

How Does A Linear Accelerator Work?

Basically, it uses a microwave technology to accelerate electrons in a wave which allows the electronics to collide with a heavy metal target. When this happens, they are generating high-energy X-ray photons that become the shape of the tumor and eliminate the cancer tissues.

Determining whether to buy a new accelerator or look for refurbished linear accelerator ads is something that comes down to the specific needs and budget constraints within your facility. While new is new, used linear accelerator equipment can also be great for practices who treat relatively few patients.

In order to help you know what to look for when buying a refurbished linear accelerator, we are listing the five most important reasons to make the decision – below.

Five Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Linear Accelerator

  1. Growing Your Practice Is Easier – Buying a used linear accelerator lets you treat more patients and grow your practice by operating with a relatively older machine. When your business grows, you will be able to renew it with a completely new one.
  2. Flexibility – You can backup your existing system with a redundant and beam-based system. If a problem develops on one of your machines, you will be able to transfer your patients to another linear accelerator.
  3. Improvement – The money that you save when buying a refurbished linear accelerator can be used to improve the quality of the patient care that you provide. You can add new upgrades, technologies or staff.
  4. Strengthen – The uncertainty of looming reimbursement cuts lets you manage expenses, reducing your risk and strengthening your practice
  5. Peace of mind – knowing how to find a top quality refurbished linear accelerator; you will most likely use it for years. With a no-risk warranty, you can relax and have peace of mind.

Final Word On Buying Refurbished Linear Accelerators

So, if you are looking for buying a used linear accelerator, you should always work with professionals for personalized advice. Additionally, you should consider planning aspects such as building constraints, water supply or power supply – and create a timeline that works for you to have your new equipment fully installed.

Lastly, it is to the advantage to know how long you are going to keep the machine and which manufacturers you prefer. All of these tips will help you find the best refurbished linear accelerator for your needs!

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.


Ideas How To Budget for Upgrades In Oncology Equipment

Upgrading oncology medicinal equipment is a main prospect for every healthcare provider. However, with the present healthcare reforms and diminishing budgets, the need to keep cost low while enhancing patient care can be challenging. It is a must need to search for cost-effective ways to invest limited capital, so before upgrading your oncology medical equipment, consider the following tips

Smart Financing

Spending money for the upgrade of oncology equipment can be attractive; it has the setback of cutting into your working capital that you may need for other expenditure. Strict leases are a good choice for bringing down the upfront cost associated with the upgrade of equipment and shielding your organization from future tech discoveries that may make the new equipment to be obsolete. Loans are another great choice although both lease and loan include interest rate that increases the equipment final cost. In lieu these, consider capitalizing equipment cost over time and recording equipment as an asset. These promoted expenses can incorporate most of the logistic cost associated with oncology medical equipment.

Go for the Warranty

It can be expensive when needing to upgrade oncology equipment. To understand that oncology equipment is not unintentionally repaired at a large cost, it is imperative for your department to monitor what is under warranty and have that information readily available.

Provide thorough explanations for expenditures

The budgetary needs of your department will be subject to the endorsement or dissatisfaction with the financial department. Giving clear clarifications of why you’re settling on a specific budgetary choice for your oncology medicinal equipment and how it will impact overall performance of your healthcare delivery.

Team up with an Equipment Planner

A medical equipment planner has the knowledge and experience to help evaluate your organization’s needs alongside the total ownership cost of oncology equipment, and also guaranteeing everything adjusts to local regulations.

Equipment Delivery Process

Research merchants and wholesalers can select equipment that offers an excellent track record. A decent merchant will guarantee that everything is legitimately named and that oncology equipment gets conveyed on time and to the desired location.

Involve the Appropriate Departments

Any department that will be regularly interacting with the new equipment ought to participate in the whole capital equipment procurement process. This will shield your organization from purchasing equipment with expensive, unneeded components or functions, and in addition getting you the appropriate feedback for future options.

Examine and Test Before Ownership Transfer

Before marking the last papers, have your Biomedical Engineering experts review the oncology medical equipment. They ought to do an electrical safety inspection and additionally testing for operations before they give the final affirmation.

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.