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Finding The Perfect Fence and Fencing Contractor For Your Home

Finding out your contractor is not fulfilling all those promises we confessed upon meeting you the very first time is not unheard of.  Many homeowners have been burnt by professional who says one thing but do another.  Finding a contractor that does what he says he does is rare so when we were looking into installing a fence we knew we needed to prepare.  We needed to ask ourselves if the job should be completed by us without professional, hiring a fence installation professional (praying he does what he promises) or a combination of both.


Yep, you guessed it after being burned enough we decided (in the beginning) to forgo the professional assistance and try this home improvement on our own.  The first thing we did to get started is by contacting our local township to look into any local ordinances that may prevent us from using certain fences and materials.  We are in an area that is not governed by an HOA but if you are you will also want to check in with them before you begin your project or purchase materials to make yourself aware of any special restrictions.


Where I live we are not under any restriction to the type of fence material we can use, height of fencing, spacing or colors that are acceptable.  We are found we are restriction free and may have decorative aluminum, wood, picket or chain link fence.  Whatever our hearts desire we can install.  I have heard of many neighborhoods allowing wood fencing however not all styles.  Picket and split rail wood fences may be allowed but privacy fence not permitted due to a restriction on height.


If your fence is being used to enclose a pool areas you will want to check into that specifically.  Even if you do not have any restrictions with a yard fence a fence surrounding a pool is completely different and should be asked about specifically. Installing a pool fence that does not meet your local or state laws can be costly if it has to be removed and a new one reinstalled all because the wrong material was used to enclose the pool.



As I mentioned in the beginning we thought installing a fence on our own would be no big deal however after settling on a fence we loved we knew we were in over our heads.  The aluminum decorative fencing we ordered was elaborate and needed professional installation.  Being that there are a number of fencing companies available throughout Michigan it is important that our first stop was the BBB in our area.  Along with checking in to make sure we were dealing with only people known to be rated as professionals we next went to our family, friends and co-workers to determine if anyone had recently had a fence installed and used one of the BBB recommended professionals.  Thankfully one stood out as a reference from a colleague.  We were able to determine that the company operated in a manner that was expected in a professional arena.



I contacted them and invited them to our home to meet with them to discuss our expectations and theirs.    It is important to make sure when working with any professional in your home that they all of the necessary permits and licenses required for their occupation/business.  On top of the reference we already had we asked for several others.  It was important to make sure people have all had the same experience with this company that you hope to have.  Trust me; any reputable company will be happy to freely give references.


One thing to remember when hiring a professional fence installation company is to know that handymen often offer their services under the caveat that they can do anything.  This is however not the case when it comes to fence installation.  It is not a one size fits all job.  I know we attempted to believe we could do it on our own and quickly learned that fence installers are professionals that know there business.  The phrase you get what you pay for is true when it comes to fence installation. The handyman (or your husband) may be cheaper but it will show in the finished product.


Once your instincts and research have helped you choose a business professional you are comfortable with it is time to discuss pricing.  Fence installation done by a professional will use several factors in determining their fee.  The size of the yard, the material being used, prep time needed and time frame will all work in determining the installation expense. A discount may be offered if you buy the fence from the company installing it however this was not the case in our situation.  We found a great deal on the decorative aluminum fence we desired.


Vinyl fence, aluminum fence and wrought iron fencing is low maintenance.  Wood fence can often require more effort to maintain.  This is something else to consider on top of the installation.  Make certain you know exactly what you are getting for your buck.  Above all it is important to remind yourself that no matter the expense a fence will improve the value of your home and become the best neighbor you could ever have for privacy and a feeling of personal space within your landscape.


The Benefits Of A Fenced In Backyard

What benefits are there for homeowners to have a fenced in backyard?  This is a question many people ask themselves when looking at homes on the market with yards that are fenced in verse one that aren’t.  There are many great selling points about a home with a back yard fenced in. I always tell my buyers the same thing; it is a good thing the owner did it now you won’t have to.  Eventually people who buy homes in neighborhoods will install a fence.  It is just a matter of time.  If you happen to be the homeowner “without” a fence it is only because the neighbors installed theirs first enclosing your property in the process.

It is clear fencing is necessary when living in areas where many homes are built within close proximity to one another.  Really who wants to be outside enjoying time with their family only to have the intrusion of a neighbor’s backyard event?  Having a fence gives your yard its own space.  One of the main reasons I think fencing is a must have is for the privacy is allows you.  It is a physical boundary that shows your space verse the neighbors.  Privacy is at a premium in society today.  It is a luxury and should be preserved especially in your own backyard.

Another great feature fencing offers is controlled accessibility.  This is never truer than with home that have a swimming pool or hot tub in the backyard.  Adding a fence with a gate lock allows you to police the entrance of guests.  Pool safety is incredibly important.  The last thing any homeowner wants is to have a child drown in their backyard pool.  A tall pool fence with a locked gate will control the access into the pool area and allow for more peace of mind when little ones are playing.

Another great feature fencing offers is the deterring of unwanted pests and people into your yard.  Whether it is critters or a trespasser a fence is a barrier that will often deter them.  Why hit a house up that has obstacles when a house down the street offers up much easier access.  Not only does the fence keep critters and trespassers out but it also keeps your little critters in.  Children and pets, such as the family dog, will find it very difficult to leave the yard if a fence stands between them and the road.   Fencing offers a secure area for little ones to play safely away from the hazards of busy neighborhood roads.

Fencing is also an incredible aesthetic outdoor feature for your home and yard space.  Fencing comes in a variety of materials, colors and styles.  For ultimate privacy and security electronic gates and automatic gate openers can be installed.  These fences allow the utmost privacy and complete control over access into your space.  Often time’s electronic gates are installed with custom fencing that is eight to ten feet high.   If security is not the reason you are choosing a fence then perhaps aesthetics are. For this purpose fencing comes in several colors and a multitude of styles, heights and material choices.

Adding a fence to your home or upgrading an existing fence offer more value than what is visually seen.  Your needs will determine exactly what fence you choose for your backyard. My girlfriend for example added a chain link fence to the border of her backyard. At first the fence was installed as a barrier for the dog.  Years later they installed an in-ground pool and decided that a more secure fence was needed to secure the pool area.  They installed a wrought iron fence about five feet tall with a locking gate.  This fence provides safety keeping the pool area secure for when an adult is not outside. The chain link fence keeps people inside the space and the wrought iron fence keeps children and pets out of the pool.  Your fence must meet your family’s needs. A fence will only add values to your home and is an upgrade that will pay for itself.