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The Significance Of Automatic Gate Entry Systems

With changes in society there has been a shift in thinking about automatic gate entry systems.  What once was a luxury is now becoming mainstream for the multitude of benefits provided to homeowners and business alike.  With the advancements in technology and the need for greater security people are relying on electronic entrance gates and fences more than ever.

The purchase of automatic gate system is a major investment.  Before purchasing and installing an electronic gate homeowners should look into the systems available as well as the space it is to be installed.  Consider the following questions when looking into the purchase of a new automatic gate.

Why should homeowners consider purchasing and installing gates?

When it comes to deterring trespasser and thief’s gate and fence systems are effective.  Not only do they help to keep unwanted visitors out but also work well to keep small children and pets in the boundaries of your yard. A gate is perfect for homes with extra-long driveways as well.  Even though it may be easily bi-passed without a fence attached, a closed automatic gate gives the subliminal message to keep out where as an open fence says “welcome”.

Many people question why an automatic gate is any better than a manual gate.  The answer to me is clear.  With a manual gate you have the inconvenience of exiting the car each and every time you wish to close the gate.  Naturally this inconvenience will leave many homeowners leaving their gate open therefore losing the security that the gate is to provide. An automatic gate and the ease of use it provides will lead to better security for your home and family. Also, automatic gates lock immediately upon closing.

To power your automatic gate you have a few options.  You can choose to use pure solar energy, a combination of solar and electrical power or straight electricity.  The power supply is located within the same vicinity as the fence and should only be installed by a gate contractor that is knowledgeable and trained in installation techniques.

The choice in how the gate opens is another thing to consider.  This most often comes down to the property in which the gate is to be installed.  Sliding gate work well on most driveways whereas swing gates need a flat driveway to work.  Overall sliding gates, in my opinion, tend to be the better option as far as function, ease of use and safety.  Swing gates however are most often a more attractive option.

Another thing to consider is the access control entry system you would like for your gate. Remote entry is the most convenient however not practical for visitors and people wishing to gain access.  There are several ways around this.  A key code pad can be installed and known visitors can have their own codes to enter the property.  This will help you keep track of who is on the property when you are not home. Another option is a call box in which visitors must be let in by the homeowners using remote access. There are several options to consider in regards to access control systems to choose from.

Overall you can see the many benefits for having an automatic gate installed.  Obviously top priority is the safety and security of your family.  A gate and fence system keep wanted people and pets in and unwanted visitors out.

Advantages Of Choosing Aluminum Fencing For Your Home and Landscape

There are a variety of materials to choose from when you are considering a fence for your home.  With any material you choose there will be advantages and disadvantages that come with it.  When it comes down to it you need to weigh the importance of each type of fencing and match it with the look and feel you desire for your home. It is easy to see why aluminum fencing has become such a popular option amongst homeowners.

When it comes to aluminum fencing one benefit is the cost.  Aluminum fencing has many of the same qualities of wrought iron without the expense.  Wrought iron fencing is ultra expensive because of the way the fencing is fabricated and the type of metal that is needed to create it.  Aluminum fencing is less expensive because the metal to create the fence is cheaper and is able to be mass manufactured.

Another large benefit to aluminum fencing is that it is free of rusting.  Wrought iron is a ferric metal that over time oxidizes and rusts.  Aluminum is not. In reality it takes aluminum fencing over ten thousand years to disintegrate and rot away.

If you are looking for a low maintenance material in fencing, aluminum is the way to go.  Materials such as wood need constant maintenance and upkeep to keep the fencing looking its best. Wood fencing needs to be power washed and sealed about once every two to three years. Aluminum fencing doesn’t require regular painting like wrought iron.  Fencing made from aluminum is covered in multiple protective coats including a power painted coat that eliminates the need for future painting.

The fence needs to compliment the home and landscaping.  Esthetics is one of the most important factors associated with fencing.  Aluminum fencing provides security around the premise of your home on top of looking beautiful, blending well with most any style of home and landscaping.

The security provided with aluminum fencing is superior to most other types of fencing.  Chain-link and wood are easily scaled and cut through.  Aluminum provides a strong, secure fence that would be incredibly difficult to scale because of the picket design.  There really aren’t any good places for a foot or hand hold to lift you over. The picket design is also secure in keeping pets and children in the yard or out of trouble.  Aluminum fence and gates surrounding an in-ground pool is a popular because of just how secure it is.

Another reason aluminum fencing is such a popular option in fencing today is because it easily adjustable to the different slopes within the landscape.  When the fence is not able to be adjusted, such as wood, the gaps that are left are unsightly and are often big enough that children and pets could escape underneath.

Another terrific reason to choose fencing created from aluminum is the warranty.  Manufactures of aluminum fencing often offer a lifetime warranty on their fence and gate systems.  There are many options in material choices for the new fence in your yard.  Consider adding an aluminum fence with electronic gate for the most security for your home and family.

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