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Tips On Finding A Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

Every task in life needs special tools unique for the duties they perform.  This could never be truer than when it comes to hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or other outdoor activities.  With the right tools and equipment tasks becomes safer and easier to accomplish.  A tactical fixed blade knife is one of those tools that makes every outdoor chore simpler.  When it comes to hunting choosing the right knife can mean the difference between an enjoyable excursion and one in which you will be doing a whole lot of unnecessary work.   Here are some things to take into account when adding to your outdoor tool box.

When you are looking into purchasing tools for your next adventure consider what you will be use the tactical fixed blade knife for.  If you are looking for a knife to assist in preparing your game while in the field you will be do best choosing one with a very sharp, serrated blade.  Look for a long, thick blade when making your purchase because they work well and work to easily process game.

If you are looking for a tactical fixed blade knife to add to your camping and outdoor survival pack look for one with a smooth blade or one that is partially serrated.  A knife blade with a smooth edge is ideal for cutting ropes while the serrated blade will make slicing meat into easy to cook pieces.  On a camping trip you are looking for a knife that is versatile. Purchasing one perfect knife will help to keep your packing to a minimum.

Another thing to consider when you are looking to purchase a fixed blade knife is the handle.  You will want to find a knife with a handle that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand.  This may not be something you will necessarily think about when sitting around the campfire but it is essential when you are field dressing game.

Think about giving a fixed blade tactical knife as a gift.  How often does it happen that you don’t know what to purchase the man that has everything?  If you are looking for a great gift idea for the hunter, fisherman or camping guru look into purchasing a fixed blade knife.  It is truly one gift that you can take on any outdoor travels that will actually be put to good use on each and every adventure.

Whether purchasing a knife for yourself or as a gift looking into purchasing top brand name knife with a proven track record.  Purchasing knives and outdoor gear online is one way to save yourself a bunch of money when looking to improve upon your survival tool box.

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Choosing Between A Fixed Blade and Locking Knife

There are two main types of knives that everyday people need. It doesn’t matter if you are out on a hunting adventure, a camping excursion or simply taking on day to day chores a quality, well-constructed knife is not only convenient but necessary. The two main types of knives have nothing else in common with one another except that they both have the capability to cut. Fixed blade knives and folding knives are completely different in the tasks that they perform.

Depending on what you are looking for and what the knife will be used for will decide what type of knife you choose. If you are looking for a one piece tool that will last a lifetime consider the purchase of a fixed blade knife. You will find that fixed blade knives come in a variety of sizes as well as with an assortment of blade lengths. With a fixed blade there are no folding parts to concern yourself with. The only issue is that in order to safely transport the blade it must rest in a sturdy sheath.

The benefits of purchasing a fixed blade knife are plentiful. One obvious advantage is the ease of cleaning. The knife is one continuous piece, this is helpful in preventing debris from being tangled with in the folding handle. The blade strength of a fixed blade knife is stronger than that of folding knives as well. With fixed blade knives it is also possible to interchange the blades in order to perform a variety of functions.

There are also major benefits that come along with purchasing and carrying a folding knife. The most obvious being that folding knives are convenient to take with you in a pocket or actually anywhere for that matter. The blade flips to store directly inside the knives handle. This is the most common type of knife that people own today. It cannot only be used as a self-defense weapon when needed but most commonly a usable tool.

There are also options within the category of folding knives including lockback knives, linerlocking knives and pocket knives. Lock-back and liner-lock knives are made for easy one handed use. The knife offers additional safety with the locking mechanism that holds the blade in place while it is in use. Pocket knives are more compact then other types of locking knives. They also tend to be more functional for everyday use.

No matter what type of knife you choose to carry with you or to use as your tool of choice it is important that you choose one made from quality materials. Spend time looking at the mechanics of a locking knife, if this is the type you choose. This is the point at which many folding knives fail to compare with the strength that is provided with a fixed blade knife.

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Essential Survival Gear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

When it comes to packing for your next outdoor adventure what will be the first thing you add to your backpack?  No matter what type of adventure I am about to embark upon be it camping, hunting, fishing or just a good long hike there are a few essentials I look to carry with me.  It never ceases to amaze me when people are sharing their stories of survival how quick an innocent journey turned into a fight for life.

The first and most essential item that I pack no matter how short or long my expedition is planned for I take a solid knife, actually knives.  I always pack a solid fixed blade knife along with a multi-tool pocket knife.  For any outdoorsman it is crucial to have a tool that can cut anything and everything from string to sticks.  It is important to take more than a simple pocket knife on any voyage because a pocket knife is not strong enough for all that will need to be tackled if you are in survival mode.

There are several types of outdoor knives including fixed blade knives of all sizes, pocket knives with a variety of blade types and sizes and large chopping and slicing blades.  All play a different role in their ability to assist in surviving the great wilderness.  Consider the quest you are on and packing accordingly.  An outdoor hike with the family might be the perfect place to only pack a small to medium size pocket knife.  If you are going on an exciting quest set to send you in a remote area that you have not traveled before take a large fixed blade knife and a medium sized multi-tool pocket knife.

Besides packing a knife or two I always pack paracord.  It is the perfect tool to allow you to make emergency repairs, rough it in the great wilderness, fishing and most importantly first aid.  Emergency repairs such as replacing a shoelace, creating a tow rope, tying up your kayak, or keeping your food up off the ground away from bears.

Paracord is a useful tool when roughing it outdoors.  It allows a simple tarp or poncho to be tied up creating a canopy that will keep you dry.  The cord is also useful in creating traps to help hunt food or even to weave together logs and sticks to create a raft if the environment calls for it.  Paracord can help outdoorsman of a variety of skill levels to create fire when used to create a bow drill.  You can also use paracord to make snow shoes.  It is a jack of all trades type of tool when exploring the outdoors.

Something many people forget about is that the need for first aid can arise at any time.  Paracord can be used to tie two straight sticks around a broken arm or leg to create a splint or even to tie a sling to keep your arm in place.   If you are losing blood, paracord is a great tool for creating a tourniquet.

It is obvious why paracord, a fixed knife and a multi-tool pocket knife are the first things I like to pack in my pouch to carry with me on all of my great outdoor adventures.

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Survival Mistakes to Avoid

Surviving in the wilderness is not something many of us will ever have to experience.  Most hiking and outdoor adventures go exactly as planned.  You hike into the wilderness, explore and proceed out without incident.  However, there are times in exploring the great outdoors that your adventure goes awry and there are some mistakes you should be aware of so that you can avoid them.

Without a shelter of some type you are exposed to all of natures elements; the dangers of weather and critters.  Staying dry is the first rule in survival and this is hard to manage without a shelter or the know how to create a shelter out of the tools that surround you in nature. Exposure to the elements be it sun, snow or rain are all very dangerous.  Don’t make this mistake.  When backpacking, hunting or on any outdoor adventure no matter how short the trip is meant to be pack a light tarp; this small piece of equipment could very well save your life.

Don’t ever go on any outdoor travels without proper navigation tools.  A map of the area and a compass are tools that cannot fail you when navigating unfamiliar territory.  Experienced or not any one can get turned around in the thick of the forest.  When it comes to navigation have a back up method that leads you to safety.  A GPS is good for some situations but if the battery fails or the signal is lost you will need a fall back.  This is why a map and compass are always good tools to have in your backpack.

Carry with you a flint and some waterproof matches.  Fire represents life in the wilderness.  Maintaining a fire is important for heat and for food and water preparations. Knowing how to create a fire as well as hunt for food, signal for help and prepare water are all important survival skills to have.  Don’t make the mistake of relying on others in your party’s knowledge of the outdoors; you never know what will happen when forced to be in survival mode.

No matter how many people are with you make sure someone that is not with you knows where you are going and what your plans are.  This way if you don’t arrive back when you were supposed to someone knows to alert the authorities.  Simple father son fishing trips can go wrong at the drop of a hat so be prepared by always having a contact person that knows where you were headed and what your plans are.

Dress appropriately.  Your clothing choice should always include an extra layer that can be taken off and stored in a back pack.  The day might start out beautiful and shorts and a t-shirt might be appropriate but if you find yourself lost and out after the sun has set you will appreciate the extra clothing.  Once you have caught a chill it is almost impossible to warm up when you are in survival mode.

Always carry a water filtration system or water purification tablets in your backpack.  Water is even more important than food in survival efforts.  Dehydration will make you weak, unpurified water can make you sick leading to faster dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea.  Water purification tablets make even the most disgusting water drinkable.  Also, creating a fire and boiling water will help as well.  If possible boil the water you wish to drink and then add a water purification tablet or run it through a filtration system.

Last but not least an outdoor adventure should never be gone on without having a knife on you.  A pocket knife is an essential tool but even better prepared outdoorsman will carry a fixed blade knife in a sheath on them.  A solid, full tang knife can be used to kill food, cut brush for a fire, skin fish, and help create a more stable shelter and so much more.  A quality knife is essential; not carrying one is a huge mistake when it comes to surviving in the wilderness.

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